Weirong Technology completed nearly 2 billion yuan in financing, helping high-volume and vehicle-standard MLCCs to significantly expand production

Weirong Technology is a modern high-end MLCC enterprise, relying on the construction of the National Environmental Protection Industrial Park to manufacture high-end multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC for short). This product is widely used in mobile communication equipment, screen display, household appliances, network equipment, computer, security, automobile, industry and other electronic terminal products and devices. Recently, Guangdong Weirong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone another industrial and commercial change, and its shareholders have increased SDIC Venture, Beijing SDIC, Yueke Finance, Yunfu Industrial Investment, CITIC Securities, GF Securities, etc. It is reported that, together with the financing of Q2 this year, Weirong Technology has raised a total of nearly 2 billion yuan in this round.

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