Weiyou Gene completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing


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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Suzhou Weiyou Gene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Proxima Ventures, and the funds obtained will be used for the preclinical experiments of self-developed products, the design of new AAV vectors, the construction of pilot production lines, and the expansion of the company’s gene therapy product pipeline.

Suzhou Weiyou Gene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021. It is a next-generation new gene therapy platform company built through the two core technologies of inducible gene therapy and tissue-specific gene therapy. Many of the company’s management come from Nobel Prize laboratories, internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies and industry-leading gene therapy service companies. The company’s team has rich R&D experience and strong strength, and has the world’s leading AAV vector design and industrialization experience, and has established an international cutting-edge inducible and tissue-specific gene therapy platform. Diseases cover ophthalmic genetic diseases, skin diseases, blood and central nervous system diseases.

Weiyou Gene has independent and original key technologies, and has now integrated three core technologies to create a gene therapy drug platform with a controllable dose-response relationship, safety, non-toxicity, high efficiency, and no rejection. One of the company’s core technologies is the construction of an inducible gene therapy platform, which is the world’s leading platform to install a “safety switch” for AAV gene therapy, which can strictly control the adverse reactions caused by high-dose expression of gene therapy, and can shut down the target gene in time The second core technology is to establish a tissue-specific viral vector platform for the target gene, construct a seed bank of different tissue-specific promoter plasmids, and provide clinical-grade gene therapy vectors accurate to the cellular level; the core technology Third, establish an industry-leading dermatology gene therapy platform, which has the advantages of clear dose-effect relationship, low immunogenicity, high biosafety level, and long-term expression of target genes in vivo.

Weiyou Gene will continue to promote independent research and development in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology, blood and nervous system diseases. At the same time, the company will use the gene editing CRISPR-CAS technology to research and develop new global gene therapy and innovative gene therapy drugs to meet the medication needs of patients with different clinical indications, and to provide high-quality and affordable gene therapy for patients with rare and chronic diseases around the world product.

Wei Jiye, founder and chairman of Weiyou Gene, said that Weiyou Gene has achieved gratifying results so far, which is inseparable from the long-term trust and strong support of investors. This investment from Proxima Ventures will bring a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem support to Weiyou Gene, and will further promote the independent subversive innovation of Weiyou Gene, and accelerate Weiyou Gene’s “development of the next generation of gene therapy drugs to benefit patients around the world” company vision. Weiyou Gene will continue to improve the AAV gene therapy platform, strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in technological innovation and industrialization, and launch safe, effective and affordable drugs for patients.

Li Zhe, partner of Proxima Ventures, said that Weiyou Gene is a global leading tissue-specific and switch-regulated precision gene therapy technology company. As an excellent gene therapy drug research and development company in China, it relies on the industry-leading technical background of the research and development team. And research and development resources, committed to building a safe and accurate next-generation gene therapy drug research platform. Proxima Centauri is very optimistic about Weiyou Gene’s pipeline layout and breakthrough innovation in the fields of ophthalmology, blood and dermatology, which will continue to contribute to the rapid development of Weiyou Gene in the future.


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