What are the new unicorns telling us?

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A few days ago, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2022 Mid-Year Global Unicorn List”. Driven by curiosity, I took a look at the report and found it interesting.


First, explain what a unicorn means:

(English: Unicorn) refers to technology startups that have been established less than 10 years ago but have a valuation of more than $1 billion ($1 billion) and have not been listed on the stock market.

My personal understanding behind it is not just the above meaning, these unicorn companies can quickly stand out and illustrate the cutting-edge technologies, fields and directions of the world. In the free market, money and talent are smart and go where they can best generate future value.

Looking at the industries that the top ten companies in the world are engaged in, they are:

  • social media
  • aerospace
  • Fintech (4 companies)
  • e-commerce
  • blockchain
  • Big Data
  • digital technology

Covering entertainment, aerospace, finance, e-commerce, blockchain, big data, digital technology (JD.com, I personally understand it as e-commerce), except for aerospace, these fields are basically IT and finance-related, or related to Network related, or money related.

Especially during the epidemic, people’s daily life is more and more inseparable from the Internet (terminal: Metaverse). Along with it, it is inseparable from the flow of money – so finance has always been a popular industry, and almost all Internet companies have financial business.

On the contrary, in those traditional fields, no unicorn companies have emerged. Considering that the epidemic is only three years old, I believe that there will be unicorn companies in the field of medical bio-life sciences in the future.

What are the implications of such statistics for us? Especially young people, if they are interested in these fields, they may be the first choice to be engaged in in the future. They represent the trend for a long time in the future with a high probability. Even if the general environment is not very good, they still show quite good performance and are favored by funds and talents – of course, they still lack the test of crossing the bull and bear cycle.

boogie boarding

To borrow a tweet from blogger Wang Chuan:

Life is like boogie boarding on the sea. It’s not that the harder you work, the happier you are, but to respect and follow the direction of the waves. The harder you go against the trend, the easier it is to get injured, but you can lie flat every day if you take advantage of the trend.

I’m not saying that traditional industries can no longer be engaged in. Those industries that are huge and related to people’s daily life and have experienced major cycles still have opportunities for employment. It’s just that I think that life is short, and you should respect and follow the direction of the waves of the times according to your actual situation (talent and objective conditions). It may be a bit exaggerated to lie flat, but at least the probability of getting twice the result with half the effort will be greater.

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