What can you do on African Children’s Day?

Gu Qian

National first-class actor of the National Peking Opera Company

The African Children’s Day is approaching. We know that the living environment of children in some impoverished areas in Africa is not very good. People there are still facing many medical and health problems and are threatened by infectious diseases. Can we help them?

Deputy Director and Researcher of the Center for Global Public Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Qi Xiaopeng

Hello Gu Qian, I am Qi Xiaopeng, Global Public Health Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. First of all, thank you for paying attention to the medical and health problems of African children.

At present, infectious diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and AIDS are still the main causes of death of children in Africa. Other children’s health problems are also very prominent, such as iron-deficiency anemia and child malnutrition . The new crown epidemic has exacerbated health emergencies and disease outbreaks in Africa.

So on a personal level, I think we’re all part of human history, regardless of nationality and race. The more we know each other, the more we can build a harmonious planet. Take a moment to learn about the African continent, its history, and the health problems its children face. On the basis of mastering certain knowledge and skills, he actively participates in volunteer public welfare activities to aid Africa.


Global Health Activities | Photo courtesy of Qi Xiaopeng

At the national level, China has provided African people with disease diagnosis and treatment and treatment services in its 60-year medical and health assistance. In 2015, China began to implement the ” 100 Maternal and Child Health Projects ” in Africa. In terms of global public health products, China and African countries and third-party international organizations and institutions jointly carry out bilateral and multilateral assistance in vaccines, drugs, technologies, equipment and medical infrastructure. For some key infectious diseases, such as malaria and schistosomiasis, we have also established targeted disease prevention and control and public health projects in countries such as Sierra Leone and Tanzania. We also expect that China-Africa health cooperation will enter a broader and deeper field in the future.


To care about children is to care about the future of our humanity | Flickr, hdptcar / CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://ift.tt/gyd0vW1)

To care about children is to care about the future of our humanity.


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