What did I buy at 618 this year?

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In fact, since buying a house, I have rarely shopped online except for a few essential items. But this year, because I have to move to a new house, I bought some home appliances while taking advantage of the 618 event. In addition, it has not been updated for a long time, so I would like to share what I bought and my personal shopping experience.

Note: This article is not intended as a buying guide.

purchase list

  1. Kitchen supplies: refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, gas stove and range hood;
  2. Living room supplies: TV, electric curtains;
  3. Bedroom supplies: air conditioner on-hook, electric curtains, fan, air purifier.

kitchen supplies

The purchase time of kitchen appliances was June 1, when the 618 event had already begun to warm up, and some appliances had to consider the reserved size, so I didn’t do much thinking and decision when purchasing.

Range hoods and gas stoves

The range hood and gas stove were seen last year when the decoration company was still on the road, because they had to report the size to the project manager to open the hole. I wanted to buy Mijia products like Lao Liu, but the baffles of the Xiaomi range hood might meet (although Lao Liu said they would not), so I ignored it. And when cooking, people are in front of the range hood, and it seems a bit silly to call Xiao Ai to adjust or turn it off, so I didn’t think about Xiaomi.

For the gas stove, I mainly consider the firepower, because the flame of the landlord’s gas stove is not concentrated, which causes the edge of the pot to heat up first when cooking.

In the end, I chose the Supor range hood C5 + gas stove Q5 set, the page price is 1699, and the hand price is about 1399. The range hood I saw last August was not the C5, and the prices were 579 and 599 respectively.

Overall, the price hasn’t changed much.


The refrigerator I chose is Rongsheng BCD-536WD. The price on the page is 2799. There is a full discount promotion. The actual price is 2499. The capacity is 536 liters, which can just be stuffed into the reserved position. The distance between the two sides of the refrigerator is only 3 cm, but the door can be opened normally without obstacles. The reasons for choosing it are on the one hand because the energy efficiency level is second-level, which is acceptable, on the other hand, because Rongsheng is a brand under Hisense, the overall quality of Hisense is justifiable.

Rongsheng refrigerator

washing machine

When I was thinking about which washing machine to choose, I also struggled for a long time. My friend told me not to buy Xiaomi’s air conditioner and washing machine, but the actual experience was not good. So I chose TCL G100L130-B, the page price is 1399, and the price after receiving the coupon discount is 1299. There is no particular reason for choosing TCL. On the one hand, it is because I believe in its quality and quality control. The TCL refrigerator I bought has been in good condition for ten years, and it was repaired once last year (so why not buy TCL when buying a Rongsheng refrigerator). But when I bought the washing machine, I didn’t do much homework and thought, and chose the aromatherapy sterilization model – I’m afraid I won’t use the aromatherapy once.

TCL washing machine

water heater

I chose Midea JSQ30-MK3 for the water heater, because I compared it with other brands. For example, Mijia’s “zero cold water” is about 700 more expensive, but this function is not just needed for me, so I finally chose Midea. The subjective reason is that its renderings are good-looking, and the objective reason is that the whole machine is guaranteed for 8 years and 0 charges. Other functions like “pressurized water servo” can’t tell if it’s really a great experience before I use it. Tangled between 13 liters and 16 liters, because the price of 16 liters is only 100 yuan more expensive than the 100 yuan Jingdou, so the page price is 1299, but I actually bought it at 1199.

Midea water heater

installation fee

Except for the washing machine, I didn’t give the installer a penny in the installation of these sets of kits in the kitchen, not because the product is all-inclusive, but because I was too stingy.

The cook who installed the range hood asked me if I wanted to use the gas pipe he brought. I said I went to the hardware store to buy it and install it. The installer of the water heater asked me if I had bought high-pressure pipes, angle valves and gas pipes, and he told me bluntly. The price brought by him will be more expensive, so I went to the hardware store at the gate of the community to buy the accessories and installed them. These two accessories: two angle valves + two high-pressure pipes + a bottle of foam glue + two gas pipes cost about 150.

The master who installed the washing machine said that the water inlet pipe was not long enough, and an extra charge of 30 yuan would be charged for extending it. Since no one was there at the time, the money was transferred to him afterwards.

As for the refrigerator – does the refrigerator still need to be installed by a master? So as I struggled to move the behemoth into the kitchen myself, I hit a small hole in each of the two doors.

living room supplies

The electric curtains in the living room supplies and the electric curtains in the bedroom were bought at the same time. The air duct machine was bought offline before the ceiling last year. As for the TV…

Electric curtains

Electric curtains are something that I have been thinking about before decoration. I always feel that it is a gadget that can bring a little happiness to life. Imagine that on a winter morning, you wake up in bed without going to work, the sun is warm outside, but you don’t want to get up to open the curtains, just say a word, the curtains are opened, and the sun shines on your Are you happy in bed?

Before buying electric curtains, I thought that two-way opening must be installed with double rails and two motors. Later, I realized that single rail and one motor can be completed. After struggling for a while with Beijing-made, green rice and millet, I finally chose the most suitable green rice for me. Its price is cheaper than Xiaomi, but it can be controlled by Xiaoai; the price is 100 more expensive than Beijing-made, but there is no need to download an app.

Green rice electric curtains

The two motors cost a total of 1177.99 yuan including the discount, including door-to-door measurement and installation, and each motor contains a track within 3 meters. The track in my living room is a little more than three meters, and I have to make up the difference of 6 yuan, but the customer service told me that it was 8 yuan. After I placed the order, the customer service apologized and waived the difference. From this point of view alone, Lumi’s after-sales service and service should be reassuring.

Smart TV

Actually I didn’t want to buy a TV at first because I personally have very little time to watch TV. I have considered projection, but due to limited funds, I am not willing to spend a lot of money (it is said that this thing is very expensive to replace the bulb), and the projector that is too cheap has bad results, so I gave up.

After the furniture came in, I accidentally felt that the TV wall was too empty, so I took advantage of 618 to watch TV – after all, it was worth watching movies and games on the big screen during the holidays. So my expectation was 65 inches, but I was hesitating between 65 inches and 70 and 75 inches after thinking that someone said “you’ll never give up on buying a bigger TV” and a friend’s suggestion.

The price of smart TVs has dropped very fast, not to mention a few years ago, from the historical price displayed by the price comparison plug-in, this year alone, many TV prices have dropped by several hundred to one thousand.

Huawei smart screen price changes

Xiaomi, Philips, Thunderbird and TCL were initially considered. A friend told me not to think about Philips. It is an authorized OEM, and many people complained about its quality control. Xiaomi is cheap but about 3k is not cost-effective, so I focused on Thunderbird.

Screenshot of a blogger's evaluation

Thunderbird is a brand owned by TCL, which is relatively cost-effective. Coincidentally, in a certain Dong self-operated store, Thunderbird’s TVs are basically high-screen TVs. The 75-inch TV with the same configuration is about twice as expensive as other domestic brands, and the price starts at 4,000. And my needs don’t use such a high refresh rate, so I finally gave up Thunderbird.

Thunderbird product comparison

Later, I compared the Redmi L65R8-X and L75R8-A. The prices of the two are the same, but the former is a high-brush screen, 65 inches, 3+32G, and the brightness is 300-500 nits. As I said before, high brush is an excess function for me. If I don’t want the screen as big as possible, I might really choose this one. The screen display effect of the latter is obviously not as good as the former, and the configuration is 1.5+8G (what a joke, the micro whales I bought four years ago were all 2+16G), so I gave up.

Later, I saw the TCL 75V6D, the price is nearly 300 more expensive than the above two, it is the same as the Redmi L65R8-X, the memory is 2+32G, the brightness is 300-500 nits, the two are from the hardware and display effect. It may be a little worse than Philips at the same price, but I trust the quality of TCL, plus it is 75 inches, it is simply my dream TV – let’s put it this way. So added to cart.

bedroom supplies

There will be a little more stuff in the bedroom, and it seems that I personally spend more time in the bedroom (and not just in bed).

air conditioner

The first choice for air conditioners is definitely Midea and Gree, as well as TCL. Of course, Oaks may also consider it. After listening to a friend’s suggestion, I compared Hualing, and finally made a choice between TCL and Hualing.

Among the 1.5 hp on-hook, the giants Gree and Midea are 300-400 more expensive, and compared with the average price of 1,500 bought by Lao Liu, I think 2,400 is a bit expensive to buy an on-hook. So the comparison between Hualing and TCL priced in 1999. Hualing is a brand owned by Midea, and enjoys the first and last service of Midea, and even some models may be similar to some models of Midea, but the price is several hundred cheaper. After comprehensively comparing the parameters such as noise and circulating air volume, I chose Hualing KFR-35GW/N8HL1, which is relatively good. When I added it to the shopping cart, the price on the page was 1999.

However, because the order was not placed in time, at 0:00 on June 18, the price of this thing actually increased by 100 yuan!

Different people see different prices of air conditioners

The fan is actually nothing to be concerned about, so I just bought a fan of Xiaomi Mi 199.

air purifier

Air purifiers are not in my consideration, but I still bought an air purifier after thinking of the consequences of smoking on the air conditioner and the gypsum ceiling.

Other big-name air purifiers are a bit expensive, and the one with the most affordable price should be Mijia. One thing to say, Mijia’s major appliances are not necessarily worth buying, but the price/performance ratio of small things is still relatively high. After comprehensively comparing the 4 Lite and 4 pro versions, the customer service told me that the 4 Lite can also remove formaldehyde, the difference between the two is only the difference in power, so I started the 4 Lite version at the price of 551.

Mijia air purifier comparison

At first I thought it was small, maybe as big as a Xiaoai speaker, but after I got the goods, I found out that it is much larger than I thought – not only the size, but also the noise. When you sit down and smoke a cigarette, the screen shows that PM2.5 soars to 600 (600 should be the upper limit of its display), and if it is set to sleep mode, its purification effect is just better than nothing.

Price Statistics

product page price actual price
Supor hood 1699 1399
Rongsheng refrigerator 2799 2499
TCL washing machine 1399 1299
Midea water heater 1299 1199
Green Rice Electric Curtain*2 1378 1177
TCL TV~ 3299 2939
Hualing air conditioner~ 1999 2099
Mijia fan~ 199 199
Xiaomi Air Purifier 579 551
total 14650 13361

The products with wavy lines in the above products are price estimates and have not actually placed an order. Combining various coupons and red envelopes, the actual payment was about 11,613 yuan, and this wave of certain Dong gave me about 3,000 yuan cheaper (possibly).

apply for insurance

For a long time after I bought it, I didn’t pay attention to the price changes of these products, because the annual 618 activities are too complicated, I really don’t have the heart to calculate whether I have lost or not. After I went to a certain east yesterday to buy a new electrical appliance, I tried to apply for an insured price. As a result, the water heater I bought was refunded 50 yuan, the air purifier was refunded 52 yuan, and the wired switch without statistics was refunded 10 yuan, a total of 10 yuan. 112 yuan.

apply for insurance


In fact, I sorted it out myself and found that the actual cost of electrical appliances was not much, and there were still two-bedroom air conditioners that were not bought. Whether 618’s activities are worth it or not, I can’t say for sure. But as far as the current cost is concerned, there are still some discounts, and I am not like some great gods, racking my brains to find various discounts to buy products at the lowest price. But it is worth mentioning that the price comparison plugin is really easy to use, it can show you the historical price of the product, and you can have a more or less psychological bottom when purchasing.

Therefore, I saw that the price of a certain product was the lowest in mid-June, but the price fluctuated in the beginning of June and 618, but this also reminded me. I go to the APP every day to apply for the insured price, maybe someday I will be refunded. ten dollars?

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