What is “Lightning Talk” and why it is worth experiencing.

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The 7th COSCon (China Open Source Annual Conference) will be held online soon,
Because at COSCon Shanghai in 2019, there was a “calm”闪电演讲,
Therefore, this conference was designated as the co-producer of闪电演讲,
Who is the other producer? It’s Brother Qiang, prove it:


In fact, the earliest contact with闪电演讲was in 2010.6.11 PyCon Asia Pacific, SMU (Singapore Management University),
After the joint cross-talk speech with the teacher Qingfeng who was on Douban at the time was completed,
I have great confidence in my Cnglish ,
Registered directly on the spot and completed the first lightning speech in my life, and it was in English,
Basically, about 142 words, within 3 minutes, a fantastic introduction to the Leo editor;

Then, we arrived at the Lecture Hall of Academia Sinica on 2014.7.20,
The last show on the last day of COSCUP , Lighting Talk,
Only on-site registration was possible, but there were too many people, and all the 10 scheduled speeches were sold out.
Finally, Miracle shared a speech with another classmate, each of them 4 minutes,
My part:
140720_lt-10-leo. MP3

And Brother Qiang came from Taiwan, so after participating in the preparation of COSCon,
Introducing an exciting Lighting Talk/Lightning Talk on Yili;


So what is a lightning speech? Literally:

  • Speech at lightning speed
  • Impress like lightning
  • end like lightning without discussing

So, also in form:

  • no slideshow
  • 3~5 minutes fixed length
  • Outdated ring the bell to step down


  • Show more content in the shortest time possible
  • If the content/speech is not good enough, it only takes a few minutes, everyone bear with it and it will pass.
  • give opportunities to as many participants as possible

In fact, the originality of the lightning speech was born out of the traditional arts in the marketing industry:麦肯锡30秒电梯理论,
The famous McKinsey consulting company requires every business person of his to have the ability to introduce the solution to the client in 30 seconds;
That is to say, when the opportunity and the key people of the target company are on the same elevator,
Complete the business presentation with completeness/clearness/focus to gain interest and get the next critical 10-minute presentation opportunity;

This is in the framework of Aunty Python Camp® open source online course , also known as:能技

Techniques that enable target people to develop scientific interest in their own problems;

In fact, whether it is winning business opportunities, gaining the attention of technical experts, or winning the favor of VCs in roadshows after starting a business,
Even in the usual departmental meetings, if you can complete the report concisely, it is already outstanding for many ordinary people;
It can be said that in various scenarios, it can actually be regarded as flooded with闪电演讲:

  • When queuing at the airport, clearly state that you are on this flight, and you can jump in line in line with the green channel principle
  • Going home late, brief and powerfully report today’s last resort to the leader at home

It is really a must-have skill for home travel, how can it be ignored?

Grab a knowledge point/experience/question/story/…,
Repeatedly in my mind, in the middle of the night, in the corner… more than 42 times,
You can come to the COSCon2022 China Open Source Conference, the lightning speech session, and other Flashes together,
Leave a new year of legends with continuous “lightning”.


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