What is the biggest problem with elitism?

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What is the biggest problem with elitism?

The biggest problem is anti-human.

Both elitism and populism recognize that the existence of relative elites and elites can have a huge impact on history and reality, and that certain positions must be held by proven elites in order to achieve an increase in the general welfare of society, but the fundamental difference is that elitism believes that Elites can only arise from the elites, and populism believes that the elites come from the masses . A further manifestation is that elitism believes that birth determines the identity of the elite, while popularism believes that only the practice of an individual can prove whether one is elite or not.

For example, Chairman Mao is of course an elite without a doubt, but Chairman Mao has always insisted that he is a member of the masses, from the masses to the masses.

In order to maintain the interests of the existing elite, elitism inevitably leads to a power-law distribution of resource allocation , which does not match the normal distribution of human qualities, and is therefore anti-human .

Elitism hopes that there will be fewer and fewer elites, so that there will be fewer and fewer opponents to grab interests, which will inevitably lead to the emergence of monopoly .

On the contrary, in order to generate more elites, true popularism will inevitably lead to the normal distribution of resource distribution, which is the theoretical basis of compulsory education and common prosperity .

Popularism hopes that there will be more and more elites, so that society can progress, and it will inevitably lead to transfer payments and poverty alleviation , because every area that achieves poverty alleviation can increase the probability of elites.

In terms of the efficiency of generating elites, the marginal benefit of resource utilization in poverty alleviation is far better than the Matthew effect where elitism prevails .

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