What kind of cars do young people need today, Haval Kugou gives you the answer

On August 10, the second model of the Haval dog category, Haval Kugou, was officially launched with an official guide price of 123,800 yuan. It defines a new way of life. On this basis, Haval Kugou co-creates more in-depth and pure products, deeply understands user needs, explores a new scale between young entry and high-end trendy play, and successfully creates a 3/4 scale trend tailored for young people. Cool car. With daring appearance, strong power, dynamic sound field, leapfrog space, safety and intelligence as the core hard strength, it lights up the edge of young people in the new era, and also carries the ideals of young people. It is not only a car, but also a Haval Kugou. A reliable partner for adventures into the future with you.

Be cool first, dare to show your edge

When you are with young people, you must have light in your eyes, dare to think, dare to do, and dare to play. Haval Kugou’s starlight cross headlights, space-time symphonic grille, sunrise skyline waistline, chasing wind and shadow wheels, expedition backpack tailgate and other elements together build the “Dare Power Aesthetics”, from the highly recognizable body color , to the hardcore and cool styling design, echoing the courageous power of young people. The unique star cross headlight is inspired by the designer’s outdoor camping. Above the dome, free of modern light pollution, there is a cross star shining in the night sky. In order to make Haval Kugou’s starlight more splendid, after 26,000 man-hours of research and development, 10 million yuan was invested, and every detail of the Haval Kugou intelligent lighting system was carefully polished. Hundreds of demonstrations and designs made the sense of exclusiveness and recognition. The degree and visual effects are all full. Challenge the light factory directly.

Strong power, explore the distance together

Haval Kugou comes with the light off-road attributes of a 3/4 scale car. The 1.5T high-power engine + 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission forms a high-efficiency power combination. The industry-leading VGT supercharger greatly shortens the transient acceleration response time, and cooperates with the Miller cycle to bring a better power experience.

Relying on the Great Wall Lemon platform, the performance of Haval Kugou’s chassis has been comprehensively upgraded. The minimum ground clearance is 196mm, and it has the strongest high passability in its class, making the car more comfortable; Five driving modes to effectively deal with various road conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent timely four-wheel drive system equipped by Haval Kugou is suitable for novices and does not require any operation. The system monitors the driving status of the wheels in real time, and intelligently and dynamically distributes the torque of the front and rear axles to ensure stable and efficient passing. It can provide stable power output, and can also satisfy the small willfulness of wild joy, giving young people the courage to explore the distance.

Luxurious soundstage, dynamic in power

Young people, with the distance in their hearts, bring their own BGM to play. Haval Kugou is equipped with “4D sound cockpit”, equipped with 18 speakers jointly built with JVC brand, through 1 center / 4 treble / 4 bass / 2 midrange / 2 ceiling 3D / 2 headrests / 2 surround / 1 subwoofer, Forms an all-round stereo surround sound field. Go to Europe to customize the tuning, add a kilowatt-level digital power amplifier, 16 channels, and make the sound field more surging and shocking! Super three-way configuration, high, medium and bass perform their own duties, making the sound field more three-dimensional and clear; top NVH technology makes the sound field more pure!

The Maybach homologous rhythm seat is the first model in China to be equipped with dual exciters in the front row. It is equipped with 64-color ambient lights that can move with the rhythm of music, Leishi KTV, and a car fragrance system, bringing auditory, tactile, visual, A 4D immersive new experience of smell, and enjoy the luxury car-level 4D burning sound. Satisfy the dream of “poetry and distance” in the hearts of every young person, the collision of music and travel will bring this love from the heart to the extreme.

Technology empowerment, wisdom fortress

As a car specially designed for young people, the brand-new V3.5 coffee intelligent platform empowers Kugou technology. The whole system comes standard with intelligent FOTA upgrade and L2 intelligent driving assistance system, with ACC, AEB, traffic sign recognition and speeding Alarm and other functions can maintain a safe distance between vehicles and keep driving in the middle lane, which can be regarded as a stress reliever for long-distance travel. The whole vehicle includes 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 high-definition 360-degree cameras, 2 millimeter-wave radars and 1 intelligent front-view camera, a total of 19 detection units, and the active/passive safety configuration armed to the teeth is only for your comprehensive protection. In addition, Haval Kugou’s 360° panoramic effect and transparent underbody function make driving safer. The entire series of 6 airbags, high-strength steel, and hot-formed steel account for more than 70%, and they are also guarding young people to pursue their ideals throughout the process.

Haval Kugou is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD combination instrument and a 12.3-inch multimedia large screen as standard, with a resolution of 1920*720. At the same time, it can also achieve dual-screen linkage. For example, you can project the navigation map on the LCD combination instrument. Say goodbye The mobile phone holder reduces the risk of frequently checking mobile phones and effectively reduces the occurrence of danger.

The industry’s first in-vehicle 50W wireless flash charging, larger charging power, refreshes the wireless fast charging record of the same level, the charging efficiency is 3-5 times that of the same level car, and each time can save 60% of the charging time, even with electricity as the The new forces that are born are far behind.

Leapfrog space, create tide driving

It has a class-leading 2710mm ultra-long wheelbase, and through the ultra-short front and rear overhang design, it creates a wider riding space, allowing everyone to have a greater “car rate”. There are 29 storage spaces in the car, the trunk volume reaches 493L, and the rear can be expanded to a flat space of 1298L after the rear is folded. It is a moving tool or a “double bed” for camping. Haval Kugou’s trunk can satisfy everything for young people. need. The 1.1-square-meter smart panoramic sunroof is a full 1/4 larger than the sunroof of the Kugou model of the same level. The smart wake-up phrase “I want to see the stars” can also open the sunroof, making romance warm.

Without being bound by a specific rule, youth must have thousands of meanings. The Haval brand follows the trend based on the characteristics of Generation Z users, adheres to the user-centered approach, and promotes the overall rejuvenation process of the brand with an attitude of being with the trend of young people. To truly look like Haval Kugou is what young people should look like.

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