What should I do if I forgot my password on Dokuwiki?

Original link: https://www.ixiqin.com/2022/08/27/dokuwiki-forgot-password/

My personal wiki system is Dokuwiki. Compared to other Wikis, Dokuwiki is lightweight and full-featured, helping me find a balance between TiddlyWiki and MediaWiki.

When I use Tiddly Wiki, I will encounter the situation of forgetting the password. In this case, I need to reset the password of Dokuwiki.

If you are like me and have turned off Dokuwiki uploads by anyone, you need to do it by modifying the specific auth file.

The user authorization information of Dokuwiki is placed in the conf/users.auth.php file. You need to open this file on the server and add the following information to it


After the addition is complete, you will get a user named deleteme and the password is admin . Next, you only need to use this user to log in to your Dokuwiki, and modify the previous user’s account in the “User Manager” in the management. account password.

The password of the corresponding user can be modified in the user manager.

After the modification is complete, log in with the previous user and delete the previous user.

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