What to read in July: Mark Twain, Van Gogh, Yuan Zhesheng, and more

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  • “Mark Twain’s Humor Pieces” : After reading, Mark Twain’s humor is markedly serious in humor, not deviating from seriousness in humor, exaggerated but not wild, sharp but never mean, he is always right The characters he satirized were full of sympathy, fully embodying the ironic theme of “seeing something to be enlightened, in order to move to goodness”.
  • “Longing for Life” : After reading, Van Gogh’s biography, if he is eager to live, it is better to say that he is eager to draw inspiration for painting from life. A passionate and unrestrained life.
  • “Tombstone” : After reading it, I read it off and on for two months. We read history in order not to repeat the same mistakes.
  • “The Lonely Game” : After reading, Yuan Zhesheng’s short story collection, which delicately describes the lonely and sensitive heart, the novel of the same name is more amazing, and there is a clip about Sima Guang smashing the tank, which was used in the movie “The Sunshine”.
  • “Fogg’s Model of Behavior” : After reading, there is a certain enlightenment, such as selecting important actions through the focus map. The disadvantage is that it is too wordy, a common problem with such foreign books.
  • “The Canopy Collection” : After reading, Lu Xun’s essay collection. Our Chinese ghosts are more honest than people. For example, the kitchen king can stick its mouth with sugar to prevent it from talking nonsense. It is obviously impossible to treat people in such a simple way.
  • “A Drop of Tears” : After reading, Wu Ningkun’s memoir of persecution, a glimpse of what happened to the intellectuals at that time.
  • “The Brothers Karamazov” : I’m reading it. I couldn’t read it many times before. I took it on the plane and read it again this month. Time to try again? I officially read it from 300 pages, and after reading more than 1,000 pages at a time, I finally understood the interesting points.
  • “Running for Governor: A Selection of Mark Twain’s Novels and Short Stories” : If you are reading, continue to read the author’s short stories.
  • “Prison Trivia” : Currently reading, Wang Xuetai’s memoirs in prison, which can be read together with “A Drop of Tears”.
  • “The Social Construction of Reality” : I’m reading it, and I’m about to finish it. Many people say that this version of Peking University Press has been translated very well, but as a non-sociology major, I feel the opposite after reading it. In fog.

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