White prostitution com net top-level domain name for 1 year

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Before starting, please make sure that you have access to the Internet and select the Japanese node.

Application steps

  1. Sign up for GMO, log in and fill out the form to earn points
  2. Click on the use and acquisition of points in GMO, and scroll down to select NAME domain name registration” https://ift.tt/TscodZO

  3. Choose a domain name at random, then continue, then register an account with onamae (the registered email address needs to be the same as GMO’s registered email address), then click continue until you fill in the identity information page and get your login ID (copy and backup)
  4. Go to the homepage of https://www.onamae.com/ and select Login in the upper right corner (Email verification is required for the first time)
  5. After logging in, go to https://ift.tt/TtoQiKu , then watch the box on the right slide down to about the third one, you can see the cooperation with GMD, click cooperation

  6. Now you can go back to the order just now, fill in the information, select points deduction, pay by transfer bank card, and then go to the next step

  7. Congratulations on the success of whoring, the domain name can be transferred to Alibaba Cloud, dnspod and other domestic websites

Website to be used

  • GMO: https://point.gmo.jp/
  • NAME : https://www.onamae.com/
  • Identity Generation Link
  • Address 1: https://ift.tt/hbdJGVe
  • Address 2: https://ift.tt/XLlhGIN
  • Address 3: https://ift.tt/Lv4zSTi

Reference: https://ift.tt/f3RS2lZ

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