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I don’t know if you have a “white list” in your heart, that is, no matter what the other party does, it is worthy of forgiveness and forgiveness. Of course, when this kind of white list is applied in practice, it will often appear even if you know that the other party is cheating, Still forgive each other, thinking that the other party will definitely get better and better. This kind of “white list” shouldn’t be considered stupid. After all, the method they used when they used their own theory to prove that the other party still loved them was not the logic that ordinary stupid people could think of.

It’s just a game of betrayal and self-conviction, because everyone knows that winning or losing this game means the ending of two people falling apart, so no one will say the winning or losing of such a game. In the eyes of outsiders, they have long known that only the person who would rather keep himself in the dark is still using various proven theories to prove that he cannot lose the game of normal feelings.

Another kind of “white list” is a habit I developed a long time ago. I usually set QQ to be invisible, and then open “invisible and visible” to a fixed number of people. I don’t remember much about the reason for developing this habit in the first place, but it is true that after being invisible, people will no longer be disturbed. Over time, this rule has become a “whitelist” mode – allowing to see me People who are online and can find me at any time are put into this whitelist, and those who are insignificant and do not need to deliberately maintain interpersonal relationships have found a compromise between the whitelist and the blacklist. .

A friend asked me before, why I can’t always find me, QQ is not online, and WeChat is not very fond of replying to messages. Don’t I use social software? As a result, in front of him, I opened the QQ program to prove that I was not completely cut off from the world – as a result, I exposed that I had always been invisible online. This friend was a little surprised, saying that I was actually invisible to him – of course, I was also a little surprised that they were all adults. It turns out that there are still people who care about whether they are on the “white list” of each other’s social media.

I did reflect on myself, whether I was too closed to myself and hurt other people’s “expectations”. But there is also an unavoidable loophole in this logic – if I am online at any time, then “the other party can see that I am online” is no longer a privilege, and naturally it is no longer a whitelist. If I set it to “invisible online”, then he will feel that he has been added to a “blacklist” in a sense; if I also set “invisible to him” for this friend, but I also have other The person who is also “invisible and visible” has set “special attention”, then he will think, why is there another “privilege” under the same “white list”, does that mean that he gets This kind of “whitelist” is actually a misnomer, and those who have another “privilege” within the whitelist are the ones who really enjoy the advantages of the whitelist.

When everyone gains rights in a certain sense at the same level, at this time, and we sanction some people, this is the logic of the “blacklist”; at the same level, we give some higher Although it is called the “whitelist” at this time, those who have not been added to the whitelist will feel that they are all included in the “blacklist”.

I comforted the friend who was very concerned about not being added to the “whitelist” at that time – this is my habit, you see, there are still a lot of people in the blacklist that I blocked from chatting! When people who cannot enter the “white list” know that among the rights they enjoy at the same level, there are still a group of people who are inferior to their “black list”, they will no longer use the “white list rights” that they cannot obtain. “As a blacklist in disguise, as long as there are people who are lower than themselves, they are the winners.

I call this “whitelist” “stupid”.

Let’s talk about a “bad” “whitelist” system – of course, stupidity and badness are two sides of the same body, so generally speaking, we can see from its connotation that no one can The enemy is stupid.

A few days ago, a blogger’s cloud server was bombed for no reason, and he could not provide any clear legal basis. I’m half-joking that the “whitelist” system of the Chinese Internet is about to begin – whether you have a record or not, as long as they think you “violate relevant laws and regulations,” they can block your presence. This incident is actually not that rare, and it will definitely happen someday in the future – it’s just that everyone is waiting for a “reasonable reason”, and then it’s like a Hongfeng crossing, at least not letting people in There is a chance for survival in the flood – otherwise, the living will speak up, question them or tell the truth.

Probably many people did not expect that “a world does not allow different voices”, which was only laughed at in Soviet jokes before, did not expect that it would gradually become the reality of today, but it did not come as quickly as people imagined. Quick, so all this is the “boiled frog” that is mocked at others. When the frog puts it in the pot, it does not realize that it is being boiled, and it also laughs at the frog in another pot being slowly being boiled. cooked.

Then, these frogs set up a “white list” for themselves, in order to separate out those “black lists”, to prove that they won this game that didn’t win or lose but was destined to lose in a mess.

One day, these frogs realized that their own pot was also slowly heating up, but it didn’t matter – they turned their attention to another hot pot: “Look, the temperature of the frog’s water in that pot is higher than ours hahahaha , just look at them and think that we are so cool here hahahahaha!”

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