Why are you thinking about success? As if our intellect is not enough for a life without success

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Some users are very distressed after realizing that they are ordinary people. They are still at the upper-middle level and ask me what to do.

When answering this question, I happened to see a video of Lei Jun. Lei Jun’s achievements over the years can be seen for all to see. When it comes to his achievements, he told reporters that, smart people, excellent people, hard-working people, there are too many, it is not your turn to succeed. What to do, follow the trend and find your own outlet. This may be the origin of the tuyere.

So how do you go about it? It requires judgment, choice, and luck, but we won’t talk about this today. I want to tell you that most people are honest and ordinary people. If you accept this, and then work hard, it will be easier to be yourself. contact.

Yes, others are nice, but I’m great too. You are wonderful, but that is your life, and I, live every day of the present, make a little bit better every day than yesterday, have an hour every day to do what I like, and be happy every day, this is my life. I am also great.

This is what I want to give you. It is a meaning to live your life happily while being able to support yourself and take care of your family and friends.

Again, why do you always think about success? It’s as if our intelligence isn’t enough for a life without success.

Speaking of intelligence, the saddest thing is that if you have honestly gone through all the stages of Chinese education, you have to admit that we are not that good anymore. When you enter the working state, you will be surprised to find that, hey, I am an ordinary person, where is the great man?

The experience of the great people may be like this, when we were fooling around in middle school, they had graduated from college, and when we fell in love in college, they had graduated with a doctorate or post-doctorate. There are also some wild geniuses. When you are still using the first three years of work to find a direction, you find that these savage guys have already started a business for the second time, and they are doing well.

You have been a business for 100 million yuan in three years, and the small goal has been achieved. Others have been listed in three years, and the market value is tens of billions, which is still US dollars.

Comparing them in a daze is often counterproductive. Actions are deformed, people, and companies are all the same.

A great writer once laughed at himself, what a great writer, but he was only describing a part of his life. This is still the case with great writers. Everyone who comes into the world does not perform perfectly. We are here to experience it, do something that we have not done before (reasonably and legally), and constantly break through ourselves, that’s fine.

The truth of life is that everyone has their own suffering. It’s not easy. When you feel that your life is difficult, not easy, and unfair, your friends, colleagues, superiors, and even your relatives and loved ones think so too. Who is easier than the other?

Barrell, author of “Flying Westward at Night”, describes the drought in Africa:

One year, all the seeds in the Njoro area died, and so did all the farms near Njoro, whether low, hills, or fields in the woods, whether large farms or cultivated with only a plow and a hope. farmland. Without nourishment, the seeds die, desperately thirsting for rain.

The first morning the sky was as clear as a window, the next morning it was the same, and every morning after that, until one no longer remembered what it was like to rain or what the fields looked like. They were once green, soaked with life, and could be trodden on with bare feet. Everything stopped growing, the leaves curled up, and all creatures turned their backs to the sun.

Perhaps elsewhere – London, Mumbai, Boston, a newspaper headline: Drought threatens British East Africa. Maybe someone saw the news and looked up at the sky above him – as clear as the one above ours, and he might think that the drought on the most fringes of Africa is not news at all.

This is the truth of life.

Accept first, then change. How to change it? Learn from books, chat with experts, and practice from the past. Persevere and time will tell for you.

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