Why can’t ordinary Chinese families eat beef in large quantities like European and American families?

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Why can't ordinary Chinese families eat beef in large quantities like European and American families?

Because of the low meat-to-meat ratio for beef, the same diet feeds twice as much meat to pigs as to cows .

At the same time, cows fart and burp a lot, releasing a very large amount of methane, a greenhouse gas.

The greenhouse effect of methane is 21-310 times that of carbon dioxide!

A cow farts 500 liters of methane a day…

Flatulence accounts for 39% of the exhaust gas produced by ruminants, and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by cow burps is about 10 times that of cow farts .

In other words, the amount of methane and carbon dioxide emitted by cow burps is much larger than that of farts and needs to be paid more attention to.

37% of global methane emissions from human activities are associated with human farming of dairy, beef and other ruminants. Among them, methane emissions from cattle accounted for 73% of the total methane emissions from livestock.

Roughly speaking, one dairy cow emits the same amount of exhaust gas as two beef cattle, or 14 sheep, 22 goats, and 74 pigs.

In fact, the greenhouse gas caused by eating beef in Europe and the United States affects the environment more than driving.

So don’t look at them for environmental protection and trams, they are all fake and fake, the true environmental protection should directly eat less beef and drink less milk is the right way.

If Chinese people eat beef like Americans, it will be even worse, and the rate of global warming is estimated to be several times faster.

All in all, beef is not a good thing.

Chinese people should eat meat, eat more meat, but should not eat more beef, and the whole world should reduce cattle breeding.

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