Why do Epic’s mystery game predictions fascinate me so much?

I beat this massive puzzle game in which all players are involved.

“Epic send control, I will eat a pot of shit, I will not delete the review, just wait and see, first of all, the Epic mall will not send the game that has been on the shelves, and then it is impossible to send a game with a low discount, there are many Weibo It is said that there is no response from the sending control Epic. It is not because the game to be sent is guessed, but because the game that will be sent will cause these people’s psychological gap to be too big and can’t stand it anymore. Let’s wait and see, it won’t send anything special Good game, I said before about what wolf to give away, that’s a dream, it would be great to send you a game with a discount of thirty or forty dollars to pass away, I don’t delete comments, you can see me at any time face.”

Everyone knows the story. A few days later, Epic really sent “Control”, but the original owner of this passage did not fulfill his lofty ambitions and chose to delete the comment and run away. And this passage has also become the “Bible” in the player circle.

Now, everyone knows that the mystery game sent by Epic must be a boutique. Two years ago today, the mysterious games Epic sent were GTA5 and NBA2K. On May 19 this year, another mysterious game will meet you. At the same time, the official Weibo released a clue map and claimed that because the mysterious game is not allowed to leak in advance, the puzzle is difficult.

In fact, such guessing activities have become a tradition. During Christmas last year, Epic sent out mystery games for 15 consecutive days. Each mystery game has unique clues, and the decryption time is only 24 hours. I used to naively want to rely on my own efforts to solve the riddle, but my knowledge reserve is still too poor, and I can only wait for the great god to answer.

In the past ten days, I saw that the big players who showed their magical powers pieced together a near-perfect logic through fragmented clues in just a few hours, and accurately predicted what the next game would be. Sometimes I’m even battling Epic’s overwhelmed servers, frowning to claim the last game, and the predictions for the next game have come to fruition.

In the middle of this year, the mysterious game came again, with simple pictures, only a door full of technology. It seems to be related to games like interstellar, cosmic, etc.

With these two pictures in hand, I’m pretty sure that next week’s mystery game, I can’t guess. However, such a difficult puzzle was solved within 24 hours.

“As much as you want, it’s all here.”

“Come on, feed your son some cakes.”

Through these two sentences, the puzzle solver remembered the well-known pie in the game industry – “No Man’s Sky”.

Before the release of No Man’s Sky, the developers promised that there are endless planets to explore in the game, it is “as many as you want here”, and when you feed the boy, you have to call “come”, indicating that “nothing is possible.” People” feed the son to eat cake. Finally, No Man’s Sky was initially released. Because the cakes were too large, the game failed to achieve its expectations and experienced a bombardment of bad reviews. Fortunately, the manufacturer did not put it away. After many free updates, the cakes drawn at the beginning were fulfilled one by one. Players really ate the pie that was drawn at the beginning, and this process just corresponds to “eating pie”.

Coupled with the door full of technology, it looks like a screenshot of a game from “No Man’s Sky”.

It seems that the answer to “No Man’s Sky” is a certainty. Except for a mysterious piece of code in the clue map, the rest is right.

What’s more interesting is that the official requirement not to reveal the mysterious game, but the official operation brother of Epic liked it under all the comments that speculated about No Man’s Sky.

Wait, aren’t the officials not allowing the insider to leak? Isn’t this operation guy afraid of losing his job?

Less than a day has passed, on May 15th, a user named “Blue Soul Youlong” opened a new post on Epic with a low-key opening remark like “Pure Decryption and Play”, and his eyes were directed at the mysterious code.


Arranged in alphabetical order, the Blue Soul Youlong replaced the letters with numbers, namely 224181305. Using intuition, experience and analysis, he tried to interpret the number in terms of dates. Ultimately, the code becomes this:

April 18, 2022 at 13:05!

So far, most of the decryption work has been completed, and the rest is information retrieval, but at this step, everyone encountered a small bottleneck: at this point, Epic did not officially release any news.

In my opinion, this is an insurmountable wall, and even if it was me, I would doubt whether my inferences were correct, and when I began to doubt, it was not far from giving up. I’m afraid, this is also an important reason why I can only shout 666 in the comment area.

For the great god of Tieba, this is not a problem at all.

A user with an ID of WeDon appeared in the comment area. He took a different approach. In Epic’s official Weibo post on April 15, he commented at 13:05 on April 18, 2022. The time is not bad! Moreover, the time he made the comment was only at 8:00 in the morning on May 15th, and many people had not even eaten breakfast.

The tweet is this:

And that comment is this:

It can be seen that there are many spectators in the building who ran back to the archaeology on May 15. In the end, their answers pointed to “Borderlands 3”.

This decryption process shocked me for a whole year. Regardless of whether the answer is right or not, in the future, in any puzzle game I play that can edit the protagonist’s name, I will definitely enter “Blue Soul Youlong”.

Soon after, foreign players entered. It is worth mentioning that mysterious clues and decryption are the characteristics of the national service, so these foreign service players poured into the national service and actually found two other clues.

Next to the boy who eats the cake, he is holding three hands. Perhaps, this is the 3 in Borderlands?

The “cake” that was pressed on the lips was NBA2K, but the three letters of NBA were covered up, leaving only 2K. You know, the developer of Borderlands is called 2K GAMES.

On Douyin, Epic officials also responded to the comments predicting “Borderlands 3”, which looked very admirable.

So far, the information in the clue map has been squeezed out, and Borderlands 3 seems to be the correct answer. However, a considerable number of players still believe that the mysterious game is “No Man’s Sky”, and the two doors full of technology are too similar.

Of course, today, we all know that the game we sent is “Borderlands 3”. On the day of 520, Epic’s official blog convincingly sent two Tieba bosses a game.

By the way, my roommate and I sold Jelly Beans at a discount last month.

Then, the mysterious clue of the second game came.

At this time, I have experienced the puzzle-solving process that has been climaxing in the last week, and I have entered the moment of sages. The new puzzles are fascinated by me. Also, another problem started to bother me.
Of course, I have been paying attention to solving puzzles, and the story of the second week is more interesting than the first week. This time, even the clue map is not necessarily believable.
This clue map is not an “official starter”.
On May 20th, this clue map was widely circulated on Tieba, but there was no official news at all. The source is not easy to study. It is said that the small black box next door is the first to send it (you can give some strength to the research agency, and it will be the first one next time!)
The next day, the official Weibo post lazily posted this clue map.
This operation can’t help but make people suspect that there is an internal ghost leaking the question, and some even suspect that Epic directly opened up. The reason is also very simple. I guessed all the difficult questions last week. This week, I simply don’t give clues. I just copied fake clues from the post bar, and I can’t guess anything wrong.
The second decryption began in such suspicion. Don’t talk nonsense, put pictures first!

This clue map is not exactly the same as “The True Color of Heroes” starred by my brother!

Soon, a big guy found out. The translated name of “Max Payne 3” in Taiwan Province of our country is the true character of a hero. Next is the detailed argument. For example, to burn money, the Max Payne series is about to release a reprint, so the old version is likely to be given away, and even the game has not landed in the mall has become one of the strong arguments.

Seeing this, my heart didn’t waver in the slightest, and I even wanted to laugh a little bit. Although this prediction is really nothing wrong, although I can’t get on it, I just have an inexplicable self-confidence. They were misled, and the answer must not be this.

As I expected, the next day, I saw predictions for Dead Cells. Another super-powerful post bar user.

With the attitude of tracing back to the source, I found the original post. This post is not popular, and it is still difficult to find it.

Then I would like to thank the “@Epic Game Information Officer”, the up-master, with a real name here. The information in this post is really too little, which makes people feel a little far-fetched. The video of this up-master made me quite clear. Bright feeling. I have put the video link at the end of the article. If you are interested, you can watch it. If you are not interested, just listen to me.

First of all, the tie of Fa Ge in the clue picture is red, but in the original picture of the movie, Fa Ge wears a black tie. It stands to reason that such a low-level mistake should not be made in a picture with a high degree of restoration. Therefore, the red tie It’s actually a clue.

Then, the up also found a 1934 version of the dollar that once appeared at the auction. On that dollar, the burned part happened to have the capital letters DC, which perfectly corresponds to the Dead cell. Combined with the information on the post bar, many clues coincide.

However, “Dead Cells” is still not the right answer, but “Bioshock” which disappointed me a little. The disappointment here is not the game. My disappointment is my disappointment with the puzzle, which, I think, is not very good. It’s still the up master mentioned just now, and TA’s video gave the most reasonable explanation for the clues. Since only one link can be inserted at the end of the article, I will paste it directly here .

I will not talk about the content in the video, not because I am afraid that everyone will find it cumbersome, nor because I am too lazy to type. The real reason: I didn’t finish the video.

Halfway through the video, I’ve exhausted all my patience. At this moment, a flash of light flashed in my mind, and the question that bothered me mentioned above seemed to have an answer.

Regarding the crack of “Borderlands 3”, I watched with enthusiasm. However, when I forwarded the decryption process of Blue Soul Youlong to a good friend’s WeChat, she showed a lack of interest, and in order not to embarrass me, she reluctantly chatted with me a few words.

After this was over, I suddenly thought of a question:

So why am I so fascinated by mystery game predictions?

Imagine such a scene, I’m watching a spy war movie, the protagonist is a special agent, he found a string of disordered English letters on his dead teammates, with his agility and intelligence, he thought of replacing letters with numbers, Finally, he arranged them by year, month, and day, and found that this string of English actually represented a certain time. At that time, the leader of the enemy organization will appear, and the perfect opportunity is here!

How excited will I be when I see this part? Would I be amazed by the agility and intelligence of the protagonist? Will I applaud the plot of the film?

No, I might yawn at the big screen…

However, for a few paragraphs of text on Tieba and some arguments in the comment area, I was hooked. On the level of brilliance, those words cannot be compared to a movie.

Why is the difference between the two so big?

Just when I turned off the video about Bioshock, I suddenly realized the answer – the game.

What I’m really interested in is actually playing games.

Let’s say, I’m playing a game like an escape room and find the key (mystery game) to open the door. Unfortunately, I’m just a rookie and got stuck early.

Therefore, when I look at the reasoning process of Blue Soul Youlong, I am not watching a movie, but checking the strategy.

It is worth mentioning that after reading the guide, I finally cleared the game. Note that in my subconscious, the person who cleared the game was “I”, not the Blue Soul Youlong who wrote the strategy, nor the protagonist of a certain movie. In other words, I am the protagonist.

I imagined it again. I was a secret agent. After going through untold hardships, I finally deciphered the code, and finally resolved the crisis and successfully assassinated the enemy leader. Would I be excited?

of course!

So, I’m so fascinated by mystery game predictions because I’m playing a great puzzle game.

I’m excited about the mystery being revealed because I’ve beaten this massive puzzle game that all players are involved in. In this process, I am also a player without doing anything real!

As for the prediction for the second week, I didn’t even have the patience to watch the video, and the reason was very simple, there was no sense of participation. In this week’s game, I have been a cloud player from the beginning, and I have always been a spectator. And solving puzzles, for outsiders, is very boring.

When I think of playing games, I have also been taken by many big guys to play games as a new player, and I have also brought Mengxin as an old player. During this process, if the veteran pushes the main line too fast, the new player will There is a lack of interest, so the veterans often issue tasks, “Hey, red, you go to the spring to fill the water, that letter, you go to get the candle!”

Before, I thought they were pretending and putting on airs, but I am different, I do it myself, and do it myself! As a result, halfway through the game, the newbies all quit . Now I understand that playing games has to involve people!

Thinking of this, I have a sense of pride that is unique to gamers. It is difficult for people who do not play games to understand this feeling, and they may never experience the sense of accomplishment after clearing the game. It is even a pity that there are many fewer opportunities to be the protagonist! I feel uncomfortable if I don’t write this feeling, so I have this random manuscript.

I suddenly have some small expectations for future metaverse games. Maybe one day, I can play such a game with everyone in the virtual world that is not inferior to the real world, as I did a few days ago.

Or maybe, the real metaverse is enough. After all, this game is already too livery and kryptonite, and there is no way to retreat. .

And, wonderful enough.

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