Why do hardware products always have regrets?


When making software products, we will pursue the ultimate limitlessly, and hope to achieve the best in all aspects of product experience, usage, etc. Because the delivery cost of software is lower than the delivery cost of hardware, we only need one command to transfer Upgrade old software to new version . Therefore, we can iterate an imperfect software to a perfect state through continuous software iteration. The hardware is different, the hardware involves two problems:

  1. Hardware has supply chain and stocking issues : this requires you to purchase materials in advance and conduct research and development. Materials are physical, and there is bound to be a possibility of problems, which will cause all kinds of strange problems in our hardware equipment, and naturally it is unlikely to be perfect.
  2. There is a problem with the cost of upgrading hardware: a very difference between hardware and software is that hardware is often difficult to upgrade well. If you want to upgrade, you have to re-purchase, and the purchase costs money. Not everyone can buy new equipment. From the manufacturer’s point of view, if he makes a perfect product, he can no longer continue to sell products of the same type, and naturally he has no motivation to launch a “perfect” product.

For the above two reasons, we can never buy perfect hardware products.

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