Why do I think libraries and gyms have paid appointments?

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Existing Problems

  • The library has a serious problem of occupying seats. There are books and no one in the vacant seats.
  • The reservation rate of free reservations is not high, which seriously affects the experience of reservation users
  • Very poor experience in finding a location
  • Some vacancies are mixed in the crowd and cannot be used due to some factors
  • People who really need it are too expensive to use, resulting in no use
  • The reserved venue/seat is occupied

Why pay for an appointment

Force users to make an appointment to use

After making an appointment, it is convenient to record the user’s usage status. The entry and exit of the library are recorded, and the location is automatically released when leaving the library, which can avoid users occupying seats in the library.

Reservation to reduce management costs

If the location is occupied by people using books and other items and is not used, it can be handled according to the venue management rules. Avoid subsequent disputes.

Reduced user cost

Users can intuitively observe whether there is a vacant position through the applet. If there is no free space, the user can choose to wait or reserve the next use. This can avoid a situation where the user has an extremely poor experience of finding a location in the venue.

Users do not need to travel to various floors or venues to check for vacancies.

Raises barriers to entry and reduces abuse

It can avoid crowds wandering around, and improve the efficiency of venue use. At the same time, it can also prevent some bad people from doing bad behavior in the venue. Let the people who really need it better use the venue.

Reserved seats are optional and can be automatically assigned

Reduce the number of vacancies in a group of people and improve the utilization of vacancies.

Avoid follow-up disputes

If the reserved venue in the gym is occupied, you can directly show the reservation information and payment record. Convince the occupant.

About fees

The subway is a common public facility in modern cities, but most subway companies are loss-making. The subway is a kind of welfare facility provided by the national government to the people. Libraries and gymnasiums are almost a kind of welfare facilities, and their main function is to provide national quality. But like the subway, gyms and libraries should not be developed for everyone to use for free. Because this will lead to waste and abuse of resources. In order to improve the utilization rate of venues and reduce some management and dispute costs, an access threshold should be set up. This threshold does not need to be too high. For people whose family conditions do not allow it, they can obtain subsidies or exemptions through other means. For example, poor students can get certain reservation discounts every semester.


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