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A post shared by World Walk ( @sehseh.world )

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──Gender. society—

1. [Anti-slavery and Violence: The Status Quo of Migrant Workers in Taiwan and Southeast Asia from Labor/Gender Migration] (Feminist Theory)

Event URL: reurl.cc/2m3XGm

Time: September 24, 09:00 Taipei time Subject: In 2004, the Taiwan International Labor Association (TIWA) assisted more than 100 Filipino migrant workers in Feimeng Electronics to fight for factory closure. During the process, many gay partners were found in the factory, so they completed the “T” Mother-in-law Factory” documentary. Years have passed, these gay partners who went to the end of the world for love, are they safe now? Following their moving footsteps, they went to Luzon Island in the Philippines, Iloilo, Mindanao and Dubai in the Middle East, and continued to record their love stories, gender crossing and life changes, and released the sequel documentary “Rainbow Guava”. As comrades and migrant workers, their situation is always changing, migrating like migratory birds, and there is no soil for eternal landing, or because of this, we can never keep up with their fickle love and the speed of national border migration.
Speaker: Wu Jingru (Staff of Taiwan International Labour Association )

2. [Looking at the image and growth narrative of beautiful teenagers in gay movies from “The Lover’s Monster”] (Female Bookstore)

Event URL: reurl.cc/dW8dLg

Time: September 24th (Sat) 19:00-21:30
Screening film: “Closet Monster”, 90 min, 2016, issued by Jiaying Entertainment International Co., Ltd.​
Speaker: Chen Xuan / pseudonym Chen Ying (Lecturer at National Taiwan Normal University and Shih Hsin University, and also a film critic and translator. He used to be the primary judge and guest selection of the Taiwan International Women’s Film Festival Taiwan Competition Award, and the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. Film selector. Translations include “China’s Leftover Women: Game of Thrones with Sexism and Unequal Wealth Distribution”, “Kaka Feminism”, “The Art of Cross-dressing”, “Comrade Film: The Reappearance of Gay Men in Contemporary Chinese Films”, etc. .)

3. [How to talk about “sex” with children? ] (chicken soup is coming)

Event URL: reurl.cc/MNDY3m

Time: September 25th (Sunday) 09:30-11:00
Topic: How to start family sexual health education? How to accompany children to face the curiosity of life and sexuality? The psychologist will personally take you to explore the guiding skills, and talk about sex and life with children in a more diverse and interesting way!
Speaker: Yang Shuyu (counseling psychologist)

– Contemporary. cross domain —

4. [Tang Prize Fifth Master Forum] (Tang Prize)

Event URL: reurl.cc/RXDK8z

Time: September 19th – September 28th Theme: 5 sessions of the 5th Tang Award Master Forum in 2022. From September 19th to September 28th, there will be an on-site forum and an online live stream. The model was held at National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, National Cheng Kung University and National Tsing Hua University. The winners of the Tang Prize have all made in-depth research and important contributions to the challenges faced by mankind in the 21st world and the evolution of human civilization. This forum also invited a number of domestic heavyweight experts, scholars and representatives of civil society to participate in the dialogue. A brilliant spark.
Speaker: Please refer to the event website for details

5. [America Second: How American Elites Helped China to Gain World Hegemony] (Causeway Bay Bookstore X Zhao Junshuo Storytelling)

Event URL: fb.me/e/2grPsYqcJ

Time: September 24th (Sat) 19:00-21:00
Topic: The author of this book, Zhao Junshuo, describes how the CCP kidnaps high-level political and economic leaders in the United States through economic interests. Since the United States accepted China as a member of the world system in the late 20th century, the CCP has used a large number of economic interests to make American businessmen and politicians act in favor of the CCP. Their behavior also makes them reluctant to express their opposition to the CCP or formulate a containment policy against the CCP when its hegemony is fully revealed.
Lecturer: Zhao Junshuo (Speaker of “The US-China-Taiwan War Situation Room”)

–history. Art –

6. [Bailang’s Settlement Colony Museum] (Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei)

Event URL: reurl.cc/oQXNlg

Time: September 24th (Sat) 14:00-16:00
Theme: “Bailang’s Colonial Museum of Settlement” (2022-) is a research-based multi-media practice in the Chinese language series, referred to as the Bailang Museum. The White Wave Museum organizes online exhibitions from time to time. On the one hand, it collects historical evidence of settlement and colonization, and on the other hand, it cooperates with guided tours and experimental film production to produce a series of decolonization files. Our multimedia archival approach focuses on uncovering the ways in which settled colonialism organized ecological, species relationships.
Speaker: Wu Qiyu (artist)
Chen Xi’an (independent curator, editor)
Cai Linjin (Assistant Professor, Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Culture, National Chung Hsing University)

7.【緎-Saouli Crossing the Boundary: International Webinar】(International Arts Festival of Diversity and Inclusion (IFAID))

Event URL: art-mate.net/doc/63863

Time: September 24-September 25 Language: Mainly Cantonese, with simultaneous interpretation in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Hong Kong Sign Language Keynote: i) Saguli, Art and Self-Reliance
ii) Saori, art therapy and physical and mental health in post-disaster reconstruction
iii) Leadership in the Arts of Inclusion
iv) Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility: Please refer to the event website for details

–public. human rights–

8. [Humanity and Betrayal under the Surveillance System: Read “They Said I’m a Spy” by Kathleen Weidre] (Acropolis Publishing)

Event URL: fb.me/e/29dsKLAob

Time: September 22 (Thursday) 19:00-20:30
Theme: Unraveling the truth is not easy, even embarrassing. “They Said I Was a Spy” is, on the one hand, a book of “solving cases” – in Kathleen. With Wade Rui’s persevering pursuit, she made some “perpetrators” (informants, informants, officials of intelligence management units) to be revealed. What kind of people are they? How did you get mobilized into this surveillance game? On the other hand, this is also a book of human nature, and we will see the shape that human nature has become in living under this surveillance system. There is ugliness, and there is righteousness. And how does Wade Rui himself face the past being uncovered?
Conversation: Hu Shuwen (Writer; Editor-in-Chief of “Let the Past Be the Present: Selected Novels of Taiwan’s White Horror”, “Soul and Ashes: Selected Essays of Taiwan’s White Horror”)
Zhang Huijing (Editor-in-Chief of Acropolis Publishing)

9. [Searching for Baigong: Irrigating the Mountains and Seas with Love] (Intuitive Job Excavation)

Event URL: reurl.cc/xQkxW4

Time: September 24th (Sat) 18:45-21:15
Theme: September’s free online career seminar, with a new theme “Irrigation of the mountains and seas with love”, invites three mountain and sea professionals who have a deep relationship with Huadong to share their first-hand observations, explorations and the ups and downs of hitting the wall in their work !
Speaker: Yu Rong (Founder of Huadong Vegetable Market, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Sympathetic Mind and Body Clinic)
Chuning (visual designer, co-founder of “Base Culture”)
Wen Yu (member of the 8th project of TFT, acting as an acting teacher in Hualien)

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