Why does the 4S shop insist on free film after buying a new car? Are these all tricks?

“Free is the most expensive”, free film is a routine, but now it is more routine than before, and it is hidden deeper.

In the early years, the glass film sent by 4S was included in the “discount”.

For example, the promotion of “XX shop XX car” crazy price reduction of 10,000 yuan, when the real price is negotiated, it is found that the so-called price reduction of 10,000 yuan is “5,000 yuan boutique gift package + 5,000 yuan cash discount.”

In the “5,000 yuan boutique gift package”, this “2,000 yuan full car film” is included.

Does this seem good? What if I don’t want this “2000 yuan full car film” and want to exchange it for a cash discount? I’m sorry, don’t want 2,000 yuan, don’t want 1,000 yuan, don’t want 700 yuan… If you talk to the salesman, you can only exchange cash discounts of about 300-500 yuan. Isn’t it worth 2,000 yuan? How is this going?

First of all, most of 4S’s free film is not 4S to help you stick it, but to find an outside film supplier to stick it. You can put a basic set of big-name stickers outside yourself for about 1,000 yuan, but the purchase price of the 4S store is much lower than this, which is probably the price that can be exchanged for you.

Therefore, this film used to be similar to a “promotional gift”. For 4S, the purchase price is low and the sense of value is strong. Anyway, most people who buy a car have to stick their own film in the end, and this “gift” is also a favorite.

Note that the “gifted” film that year generally has several color depths to choose from, just choose it and go home and wait for the car, which can basically meet your needs.

In recent years, “sending stickers” has become more routine.

Now some 4S no longer regard the film as a valuable gift, but directly send the film coupon when picking up the car .

Take the film coupon and go to the film shop. The receptionist will tell you: “The film you sent is the lowest-grade product, the effect is very poor, and no one chooses a low-grade product.”

If you want to stick the film or stick it well, you can discount a few yuan to let you upgrade various film packages, giving people a feeling of “no extra money is a stingy”, “don’t even think about going out of this store without adding money”, E.g:

The original price of 4000 yuan of dark crystal film, the effect is excellent, the free film can be worth 1200 yuan, only need to add 2800 yuan to buy the original 4000 yuan package.

Does it feel like a good deal? On the pretext of going to the toilet, I called another film shop and asked. The package, which is so-called 4,000 yuan, usually only sells for about 3,000. If you grind your lips, you can still buy it for 2,800. This “free film” has become a pure promotional routine.

“Free is the most expensive”

Combined with the fact that this 4S shop always delivers stickers regardless of whether they are 3721 or 21, I strongly doubt that these “free stickers” are not purchased by the 4S shop, but are provided by the sticker shop for free – even with subsidized money.

The above is the real story of my escort bringing the new car stickers…

Finally, after a round of discussions with colleagues, she said that she definitely needs to stick the film, not the place where the “film is delivered”, and it will also cost money to go to other places. ” package.

Yes, that’s right, the upgrade package that originally cost 2,800 yuan was cut to 1,700 yuan.

The routine is hidden deep, and most people can’t figure it out

Where is the trick here? Most customers saw the free film discount of 1,200 yuan, and felt that it was more cost-effective, so they would not go to bargain, and directly spent 2,800 to post a “beautiful package”. Of course, 2,800 is also the normal market price, and it’s not too pitiful.

“Free film” really plays the role of “binding consumers” and “increasing consumption”. If you don’t “send” the film, you can’t attract consumers to this film shop? There is no routine for sending films. Most of these car owners who buy hundreds of thousands of family cars stick a thousand pieces of film instead of paying 2,800 yuan to stick a “beautiful package”.

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