Why give up entrepreneurship and join ByteDance

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Today, I had a conversation with Lao Shen, and I will put it on the podcast and my knowledge planet in the future, and I have learned a lot. Lao Shen was the founder of Tower. Later, the product was sold to Ones. He joined the Feishu team and is now the vice president of Feishu.

When I do podcasts, I usually write a general outline, and then follow a main line to chat, and there will be many unexpected inspirations during the chat. It’s as if we were wandering in a forest park, and suddenly found the winding path leading to the secluded, different branches, flowers and colors, which are very beautiful. This is the amazing creative process.

In the process of chatting with Lao Shen, many contents were surprising, such as why Tower does not have a mobile version, why Tower does not charge, and what are the considerations for shutting down the HR system of another project? What is the shape of selling Tower? Entering the byte for half a year, I don’t do any specific business. What kind of divine operation is this?

Very interesting topic.

I think Lao Shen has changed from a stubborn entrepreneur to a product controller. As for whether the product belongs to him or not, it is not so important. He is more interested in the space on the platform, and the president of Feishu also gave him enough trust, it’s not easy. Every entrepreneur may be a little paranoid. To put it bluntly, it is his own blind spot. In 2016, I asked Lao Shen to do a good job in the mobile version. Didn’t he listen to him? Today, he told me that the lack of Tower mobile version is the biggest A failure, and Zhiren HR system is a complete cognitive slap in the face. But after that, he was able to recognize the limitations and ceiling of the Tower, sold the Tower decisively, gave a decent explanation to the investors and employees, and then turned around and invested in Feishu. I have to say that this was a pretty good one. turn around.

Lao Shen is transforming from an entrepreneur to a craftsman.

The essence of any work is to repeat the work, but the content of the repetition is different. Writers need to keep writing, scientists keep doing experiments, doctors keep giving injections, changing medicines and performing surgeries, designers keep drawing, we keep on write the code.

The difference is that some people repeat all their lives, and some people continue to accumulate quantitative changes in the process of repetition, and finally form qualitative changes, write immortal masterpieces, solve world problems, draw world-shaking paintings, and write about changing the world. software.

Persistence and enduring loneliness will allow you to continuously accumulate quantitative changes. If you have a little creativity and a little chance, you will have the opportunity to achieve the final qualitative change. For those who are good at persevering in silent cultivation, even if most people fail to seek qualitative change, those who still persist, seem to have a unified title – craftsman.

Stay tuned for our finished podcast.

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