With a monthly increase of 44%, New Oriental has brought the education ETF on fire!


New Oriental used to teach English. Recently, it has transformed into an e-commerce live broadcast. Watching the live broadcast can not only learn English but also shop. Has the transformation of New Oriental succeeded? Take a look at asset market views:


As of 15:20 pm on June 16: New Oriental Online’s share price has reached 32.35 Hong Kong dollars, an increase of 10.4 times compared to its historical low price of 2.84 Hong Kong dollars; New Oriental-S’s share price has also risen to 19.22 Hong Kong dollars, compared to its historical lowest price of 7.40 Hong Kong dollars , an increase of 1.60 times.

What is the relationship between these two companies?


The main body of New Oriental-S is New Oriental Trading Technology Group, which holds a 55.68% stake in New Oriental Online. The live broadcast of New Oriental obviously belongs to New Oriental Online, and the rise of New Oriental Online has driven the stock price of New Oriental-S to rise.

New Oriental brings education ETF on fire!


In the past year, the education ETF was even worse than the Zhonggai Internet ETF. When the Internet experienced parents who did not recognize it, the education industry experience was even more unbearable. Bosera’s education ETF (513360) was listed in June 2021, and the trading price basically fell from 1.00 yuan to 0.284 yuan (April 2022), and there was basically no (struggling) rebound in the process.

At that time, everyone was thinking that the extracurricular training industry was gone, and this education ETF would collapse and be liquidated directly. In a blink of an eye, the education ETF has hit the daily limit again. It has rebounded by 50% from the bottom of the market, especially in the past month, which has directly risen by 44%. Who would have thought of this?

The education ETF tracks the CSI Global China Education Themed Index, and the top ten constituents of the index are as follows:


(1) New Oriental-S accounts for 19.74% of the weight, and New Oriental Online accounts for 4.12% of the weight. These two constituent stocks have risen particularly sharply recently, especially New Oriental Online, but the weight is a little smaller;

(2) TAL and Zhonggong Education are also the heavyweight stocks of the index, with a weight of 8.39% and 8.19% respectively, and the total weight of the two is also close to 20%;


TAL is listed on the U.S. stock market, and it has risen by as much as 176% since March;


Zhonggong Education is listed on A-shares, and it has risen by as much as 50% since April. The key is that today (June 16), the daily limit has also been reached.

The education industry, to be precise, the (profitable) education industry has been severely suppressed in the past one or two years. It is still uncertain whether the environment will change in the future, but if it really transforms, these former education giants that still survive will all be is the most beneficial. The transformation of New Oriental Live Broadcasting has become an Internet celebrity. From this, it can be seen that the vitality of the entire education leading enterprise is much more tenacious than investors imagined.


Today’s market temperature is 34.88 ℃, which is slightly lower than the previous day’s temperature, and the trading volume of the two cities has dropped from 1.3 trillion yesterday to 1.0 trillion;

The market thermometer is calculated based on valuation and is used by:

(1) Not chasing high: it is most comfortable to make a fixed investment under 50 degrees Celsius;

(2) Position control: For example, at 30 degrees Celsius at present, the most suitable position is 100-30=70, that is, 70% of the positions are the most suitable, and the position can be reduced when it rises, and it can be added when it falls;

(3) Industry selection: For industries that everyone cares about, such as medicine, chips, and military industry, you can see the valuation levels of these industries in the valuation table.


Since the opening of the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the total amount of funds going to the north is 1.68 trillion yuan, and the funds going south are 2.03 trillion yuan. The funds going south are 0.35 trillion yuan more than those going north, indicating that more and more investors have allocated Hong Kong stocks.


The thermometer is in hand, and the investment is not chasing high!

The thermometer and valuation table are continuously updated, please like and support more, thank you!

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