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Käthe Kollwitz is a German artist who works in painting, printmaking and sculpture. Her most famous art cycles depict the effects of poverty, hunger and war on the working class. Despite the realism of her early work, her art is now more closely associated with expressionism. Kollwitz was the first woman to be elected not only to the Prussian Academy of Arts, but also to receive honorary professor status.

The engraving we present today (thanks to the Staatskapelle Dresden ) is entitled Woman with an Orange and more convincingly than any other work expresses her passion for Nabiism The exploration of art. Certain aspects of Pierre Bonnard’s artistic style are evident here – the narrow typography, the strikingly flat depiction of the lack of sculptural form, the slightly elevated viewing angle, the table and two-dimensional background.

“Woman with an Orange” was first exhibited in 1901 at the fourth exhibition of the Berlin Secession. The work then sparked a controversy about assemblage prints in one of the most popular art magazines, Die Kunst für Alle, around 1900. This debate is not just about the pros and cons of combining different kinds of graphic techniques, it even points out in an article that Kollwitz was the inventor of the combination of lithography and etching.

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23.1 x 11.2 cm


Dresden State Art Collection

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