World Cup gambling, how many people stand on the roof?

During this time, the World Cup is in full swing. But some people’s moods have reached the bottom, and some even have to end their lives by themselves to seek relief. Because they were poisoned: gambling. Some people who were superstitious about the strong teams made consecutive miscalculations in this event, and millions or even tens of millions of gambling money were wiped out in an instant. It may be difficult for those who do not gamble to imagine how huge the industry is, and how many people appear on the rooftop overnight in a daze. Actually, not just the World Cup. Statistics show that out of every 100 football gamblers in the world, Chinese account for 37. The annual “contribution” of these Chinese gamblers to overseas gaming companies is 600 billion! | Related reading (positive solution)

Chu Lanlan

During the World Cup in recent weeks, there seem to be a lot of people betting on football. This is the Nth article I have seen that describes the harm caused by gambling. To be honest, as long as the mentality of a gambler is there, there are actually many things that can be gambled in life. People say that stock trading is like gambling; there are not few gamblers in the stock market who have added leverage, and even more online gambling.

Compared with these, the World Cup gambling and the “going to the roof” phenomenon brought about by gambling are not isolated cases, nor are they more than other gambling behaviors. As long as the mentality of gamblers who are greedy for short-term gains and longing for pie in the sky does not change, any kind of gambling can make people go to the top.

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