Wow Bull Capital Announces the Completion of a New Fund Raising of RMB 600 Million

Waniu Capital, a cutting-edge private equity investment institution focusing on the field of pan-intelligent manufacturing, announced the completion of a new fund raising of RMB 600 million. This is the first time that Woniu Capital has raised funds from the market to absorb external LPs since its establishment. The new LPs include Suzhou Guofa Venture Capital (Su Venture Capital) and Wuxi Fengrun Investment (Xinshang Capital), two state-owned funds of funds, market-oriented institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

This fund is the second fund of Waniu Capital, with a scale of RMB 300 million at the time of the first round of closing. Like the first fund, LPs are mainly from the founding team of Inovance Technology. In order to further enhance the influence and marketization level of Waniu Capital, the new fund will start the expansion work in the second half of 2021, focusing on the introduction of institutional LPs. The entire fundraising process has received strong support from both new and old LPs. At the end of last year, all investment intentions and shares were determined, and under the background of the severe epidemic, it was successfully completed in the first half of this year.

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