Xiaoai touch screen speaker realizes Stream Deck replacement

A few days ago, I saw Elgato’s Stream Deck posted on the timeline on later21. It felt very cool and had a high degree of customization, so I wanted to buy one. When I checked the price, it was more than 1,000, which was too expensive to buy. Then I saw a video of “Digital Monarch who loves sports ” installing Macro Deck on Xiao Ai touchscreen speakers. This is what I want: more than 100 people can realize the “poor replacement” of Stream Deck. After tossing and using it for a few days, I feel pretty good. Today I will write a tutorial and share my experience with you.


  • Xiaoai touch screen speaker.
  • Windows computer
  • Micro USB cable
  • Download the required files (including drivers, flash packages, computer toolboxes, and Android apps)

Install the revised firmware

The official system of Xiaoai touch screen speaker cannot install third-party apps, but needs to flash the revised firmware. Installing the revised firmware does not affect the normal function of Xiaoai, nor does it affect the warranty.

install driver

1 install driver

Download and unzip the toolkit at the beginning of the article, open Mediatek-Drivers-Install.bat in the FlashTool – Driver folder (administrator permissions are required), and follow the prompts to complete the driver installation.


1 set flash

Open the _SPFT.exe flashing tool in the FlashTool folder, if an error message pops up, just confirm and ignore it.

  • Download DA box selection: DA_Mi_Hikaru-resign.bin in the Hikaru_resign-Xiaomi folder under FlashTool
  • The configuration file selects MT8167_Android_scatter.txt in the Image folder
  • The authentication file selects auth_sv5.auth in the Hikaru_resign-Xiaomi folder under FlashTool

Then we changed the check box below from Download to Firmware Upgrade .

1 Flashing process

After clicking the download button, connect the XiaoAi touch screen speaker through the data cable and it will start to flash. The process of flashing may take a few minutes to ten minutes. During this period, Xiao Ai’s touch screen speaker will always be in a black screen state. As long as you can find its com port in the device manager, the connection is normal. Don’t worry.

1 Flashing completion prompt

Wait until the software prompt is completed, reconnect the Xiaoai touch screen speaker to the power supply, it will boot into the new system, the first time to enter the system will be slower, just wait patiently.

Windows | Install and configure Macro Deck

1 Macro Deck Official Website

Macro Deck is completely free and open source, and can be downloaded and installed directly on the official website.

1 Install the App for Xiao Ai’s touch screen with the machine toolbox

Connect the XiaoAI touch screen speaker to the computer through the data cable, open the computer toolbox, select Software Management – Install Software, and select the downloaded com.suchbyte.macrodeck.apk. The installed software can be found in the English picture book application of the revised firmware of Xiao Ai touch screen speaker.

1 Automatically discover the server under the same local area network

After installing the Macro Deck on the computer, open the computer and mobile app under the same local area network to achieve wireless connection. The Macro Deck computer can be used to configure the functions and interface of the mobile app. The basic operations are as follows:

1 Macro Deck for editing

Right-click the icon to select edit, drag to sort, and set the arrangement of the grids in the lower right corner.

1 Macro Deck add action

On the left menu bar, you can modify the icon, add display text and background color, etc., and on the right you can set the triggered action, generally choose Action.

1 Macro Deck settings open program

If you want to add a shortcut to a desktop program, you can add the program path in the Windows Utils option.

1 Macro Deck Modify Icon

Macro Deck can download icon packs and plugin packs online, I have installed the following:

  • Windows Utils: Support to open specific program files or some system shortcuts
  • Macro Deck Media Controls: Supports system media controls, such as playing and pausing the next track
  • SpotifyPlugin: Support Spotify control and display of song information. (Spotify requires a Premium account and Redirect URIs added to http://localhost:5000/callback in the development control panel project)

1 Macro Deck Plugins I Installed

The program icon will also prompt to import the system program icon into its own icon pack, and finally modify the icon to complete a button. If you think the icons are not rich enough, you can also try the self-use icons I shared. (Icon pack author Kuan @paradoxxx)

1 set time

Macro Deck also supports the display of some parameters. For example, the built-in {time} of the system can display the time, and some built-in programs and plug-ins also support the display of corresponding content in this way.

Mac | Install and configure Touch Portal

1 Touch Portal official website

If you are not using Windows but Mac, then you can choose Touch Portal , which is also a relatively well-known media control software, and supports both Windows and Mac. The installation logic is basically the same as that of Macro Deck, so I won’t go into details here.

1 Mac + Touch Portal

The basic functions of Touch Portal are free, but if you want to set up more arrangements, use plug-ins such as Spotify, OBS, etc., you need to spend ten euros to unlock the Pro version. If you just need to quickly start the software and control system functions and other quick operations, the free version is enough to meet your needs.

at last

The Xiaoai touch screen itself is also a device that is always on and plugged in. As a “poor replacement” for Stream Deck, it will neither affect its original function nor negatively affect its service life in theory. I think the practicality of this gameplay varies from person to person. Fortunately, both Macro Deck and Touch Portal are highly playable, and you may be able to develop more advanced and interesting gameplay.

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