How to use WeChat applet Chinese AI to draw for free?

A few days ago, I introduced you to the method of using the Stable Diffusion artificial intelligence painting tool locally ( How to run Stable Diffusion locally on your M1/M2 Mac? ). Many friends reported that they had a lot of fun.

But there are also unhappy, because there is no M1/M2 Mac computer on hand.

Is it because of equipment limitations that I can only watch others experience new technological achievements?

of course not. The popularization of artificial intelligence technology is already the trend of technological development. Today I’m going to introduce you to an experience that doesn’t require installing any apps . And, the better news is that you don’t have to translate your thoughts into English, just type in Chinese .

This is a WeChat applet called “Pirates of Dreams”. The developer is the team of teacher Lan Zhenzhong from West Lake University.

I’m here to give you a demonstration.

This morning I saw someone share a video of a jetpack experiment. It is interesting.

So I sent some sentiments in the circle of friends:

With this thing, the traffic jam at work is not a problem.

After sighing, I felt that it was not enough to express the image in words, so I could just use “Pirates of Dreams” to draw it.

So I opened the applet and entered the following sentence:

A middle-aged man with a jetpack flies comfortably on a road in a traffic jam

Note here that you can choose the type of painting. I chose “cyberpunk”, which I think fits the theme very well.

Then there is the choice of painter style. I don’t know much about cyberpunk artists, so the setting is “unlimited”.

There is another option below, which is the aspect ratio of the screen. I think 16:9 feels better for the paintings on display.

Well, after making these settings, you can draw directly.

It takes a few seconds to wait here, much faster than running Stable Diffusion on a local M1 Mac. The painting is done, how do you feel?

With such an image, the comments in the circle of friends are suddenly enriched, for example:

The wig is sticky tight

as well as:

When the girls get their makeup done, their hair done, and they’re walking down the street beautifully, and all of a sudden they’re blown away by the wind from someone’s jetpack, do you think they’ll pick up a rock and knock it down?

I think these concerns are all justified, and are worthy of careful recording and discussion by backpack developers.

If you are interested, just open WeChat and search for this applet to try it out. The above picture also includes a QR code that can be accessed directly. At this stage, there are 5 free creation opportunities per day. Then each time you share with a friend, both parties can get 20 creative credits.

Of course, I also tried some other pictures, such as the Chinese style “Snow Zhongshan Temple Ancient Bell”.

Snow and mountains are complete, but where is the temple? I haven’t seen it for a long time, haha. If you have played Stable Diffusion, you should know that many times you need to draw a few more pictures and choose a more suitable picture. So I’m going to wait for a new quota tomorrow, and then use the same text to draw a few more pictures for comparison.

Welcome to share your test results and experience in the message area, let’s exchange and discuss together.

Happy AI painting!

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