Xiaolong Carnival landed in Chengdu, sharing cutting-edge digital entertainment and cultural and creative experience!

From August 26th to 28th, Qualcomm’s first large-scale offline digital entertainment event, the Xiaolong Carnival, will be held in Chengdu Eastern Suburbs Memory International Fashion Industrial Park. In this event, Qualcomm will work with many Snapdragon ecological partners to bring a comprehensive digital entertainment experience integrating technology, e-sports and trendy games to the majority of technology enthusiasts, gamers and Generation Z.


At the Snapdragon Carnival, Qualcomm will join hands with more than 100 industry partners, including operators, terminal manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and e-commerce companies, in the four themed exhibition areas – Snapdragon Hardcore Quest Hall, Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Elite Invitational Tournament, Snapdragon Zhijia New Street and Snapdragon JD.com rejuvenate the super universe, fully demonstrating the end-to-end digital entertainment experience empowered by top Snapdragon technology.

At the Snapdragon Hardcore Quest Hall and the Snapdragon Zhijia New Block, the audience will have the opportunity to experience the trendy new technology products across a variety of categories, including the new Snapdragon 8+ smartphone, TWS true wireless earphones, Wi-Fi routers, Snapdragon Dragons and cars, etc., and embark on an immersive Snapdragon XR fantasy journey. During the Snapdragon Carnival, the finals of the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Elite Invitational Tournament will also be held. Professional teams and anchor teams will compete fiercely in four popular competitive mobile game projects.

In addition, there are a wealth of popular IPs, Coser shows, bubble parties, cultural and creative peripherals, and open-air music festivals at the carnival. The Snapdragon 8K Immersive Cinema and China National Geographic will bring a shocking 8K audio-visual experience, and the Snapdragon JD.com rejuvenation super universe theme area will also bring all kinds of Snapdragon hardcore equipment and trendy items, so that the audience can enjoy watching , Have fun, have fun shopping, and enjoy the digital entertainment feast powered by Snapdragon.

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