Xiaomi claims that Xiaomi India employees were coerced by Indian law enforcement agencies, sources: India did not raid on a whim

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 Titanium Media App reported on May 9 that Indian law enforcement agencies have recently accused Chinese technology company Xiaomi (India) of violating the country’s foreign exchange management law, freezing its approximately 55.5 billion rupees (approximately approx. 4.8 billion yuan) funds. According to a court document disclosed by Reuters on the 7th, Xiaomi (India) said that the company’s former general manager Manu Kumar Jain and CFO Samir Rao and their families were being questioned by Indian law enforcement agencies. Threats of "physical violence and coercion". The reporter asked Xiaomi about this, and as of the early morning of the 9th, there was no reply. (Source: Global Times)

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