Xiaopeng Motors has an assisted driving accident. Response: fully cooperate with the accident investigation and assist customers in handling follow-up related matters


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 11 that on August 10, a Xiaopeng P7 overhead crashed into the owner of the faulty car ahead. According to the outflow chat records, the owner was driving LCC assisted driving (version 2.5), and the system did not recognize the front. The faulty car and the person, the owner of the car also said that he was "distracted".    According to the relevant person in charge of Xiaopeng Motors , the owner of the crashed car died unfortunately.    According to the video, on a viaduct section in Ningbo, a broken down car was parked in the leftmost lane. The owner of the car was suspected to be dealing with something in the trunk. Then a Xiaopeng P7 came quickly and installed it without decelerating. When getting on the faulty car, the person standing at the rear of the car was thrown directly into the air and then fell heavily.    In this regard, Xiaopeng Motors responded: "It has been verified that on the afternoon of August 10th, a vehicle driven by a car owner in Ningbo collided with a person who was checking the fault of the vehicle ahead, resulting in casualties. We feel sad and grateful for the victims who passed away in this accident. Regrettably. At present, the traffic police department has filed a case for handling, and the store has gone to the scene to assist in the handling as soon as possible. We will fully cooperate with the relevant departments in the accident investigation, continue to follow up the follow-up results, and assist customers to deal with follow-up related matters.” (Source: Sina Auto )

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