Xiaopeng responded to the death of the driver in the accident: the vehicle was driven manually at the time of the accident


The nephew of Mr. Liang from Zhejiang was killed in a traffic accident while driving a Xiaopeng car. There were no obvious brake marks on the vehicle at the time of the accident, and the airbag did not pop up after the collision. Therefore, Mr. Liang suspected that the brake failure of Xiaopeng Automobile caused the accident… In response, Xiaopeng Automobile responded: “We are responsible for the accident. The unfortunate car owner is deeply saddened. The traffic police department has launched an accident investigation, and we have submitted detailed driving data in accordance with the requirements of the traffic police department and third-party agencies, and will do our best to assist the family of the car owner in handling follow-up related matters.” … In addition, Xiaopeng Motors stated that the vehicle did not turn on the driving assistance function at the time of the incident and was in a manual driving state. Before the collision point inferred by Xpeng Motors, the vehicle has been accelerating, and the switch opening is about 27%. After the collision point, the brake pedal is depressed, and the maximum braking pressure is 37Bar, which is moderate braking.
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