Xuzhou Travel Notes

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Recently, I discussed with my friends about finding a weekend to go out for a walk, and we chose Xuzhou, the middle place between us. I took a day off on Friday, and including the weekend, we had a total of 3 days, so we could leave as soon as we wanted. Before going there, I also searched on Xiaohongshu and Mafengwo. I probably knew the names of some attractions, but I didn’t look into them in detail. I decided to wait until we get there.
Day 1 Link to title I set off from Shanghai Hongqiao. I took the bus at 9 o’clock in the morning and arrived at Xuzhou East Station at around 12 o’clock. Then I took a taxi to the hotel. During the three days in Xuzhou, the average taxi time did not exceed 30 minutes. It should be the distance to and from the train station. After putting my luggage away, I went directly to eat local rice noodles. The store is “Yipinpiaoxiang Healthy Rice Noodles”. I have eaten rice noodles from Yunnan before. The rice noodles from Xuzhou have a good texture and are slightly chewy. I ordered the classic sauce. Fragrant rice noodles.
After eating, I went to the Xuzhou Museum. Because I saw leader Liu Yang’s vlog a while ago, there were AR glasses from the museum. My colleagues also used them, so I thought they were more mature, so I rented the AR glasses (40 yuan). My friend originally wanted to rent one, so I told him to rent one first and give it a try (very wise). My friend rented a traditional tour guide (20 yuan). Facts have proved that the AR glasses navigation is terrible. The glasses themselves only support 20 items, but many of them cannot be automatically recognized. At this time, you have to stand stupidly and say to the glasses: “Open the Nth item” while others watch. They are very silly, and the glasses are very heavy. If you are short-sighted, it will be very uncomfortable to wear them. Another silly point is that there is a light shield in front of it, and you have to open and close it back and forth. Even if you open the light shield, the light in the museum itself will be blurred. If it is insufficient, it will still block the line of sight, making it impossible to see the exhibits clearly.
Of course, it cannot be said that AR glasses have no advantages. After all, they are beautifully produced videos, and the introduction experience is completely different. For example, the audio guide will say “There are 10 dragons in this item, respectively at a, b, and c.” If I look for it myself, it would be difficult to find it, but AR will directly show you the details, which is much more convenient. Overall, AR glasses explanations are not recommended yet (at least at the Xuzhou Museum).
From the collection point of view, most of the unearthed items come from the Tomb of King Chu in Lion Mountain. It can be said that one tomb supports a museum, and it is quite good to see the legendary jade clothes with gold threads.
I was tired of shopping at night, so I randomly found a nearby barbecue restaurant. It wasn’t delicious. It turns out that although all the stores rely on recommendations and you have to queue up, at least it won’t taste bad. .
Day 2 Link to title I went to the Guishan Han Tomb the next morning and bought tickets online a day in advance. It seemed that I could buy tickets on-site the next day without any delay. There are three scenic spots in Guishan Han Tomb: Guishan Han Tomb, Dianshi Garden, and Imperial Edict Museum. The total cost of explaining the three attractions is 90 yuan (compared to yesterday’s AR 40 yuan, it can be said to be very worthwhile). We were the first group to enter the cemetery, and several elders asked for explanations, and we did the whole process (thank you, elders). The Guishan Han Tomb is the tomb of the husband and wife of Chu King Xiang Wang Liu Zhu. The King of Chu set up a monument at the entrance of the cemetery and said that there is nothing from the past here. If future generations see it, don’t rob the tomb. But as an emperor, how could he be buried without any funeral objects? There was no three hundred taels of silver here.
According to the explanation, this cemetery was stolen more than 100 years after it was built. The reputation of Captain Mojin is well-deserved. There is a well in the cemetery that automatically stores water and maintains a water level of 20cm all year round. It has not dried up for more than 2,000 years. Combined with the complete drainage system of the cemetery, it looks very impressive.
At noon, I went to the Tithe Restaurant and ordered the restaurant’s signature dishes, which were indeed delicious: pork tendons, fried fish with garlic, and coriander seeds. Among them, the garlic fried fish tastes very good. The fish is carp and has more spines. If it were replaced by seabass, I would eat an extra bowl of rice. The coriander seeds are very similar to the three or four fried beans in Northeastern cuisine, except that the shredded potatoes are replaced with sprinkles. They are crunchy and delicious.
In the afternoon, I went to Yunlong Mountain Scenic Area. As the number one scenic spot in Xuzhou, Yunlong Mountain is more than 100 meters above sea level. I climbed it at 4pm as recommended by Xiaohongshu. The weather was slightly cooler and I arrived at the observation deck in less than 30 minutes. Here you can see Panoramic view of Xuzhou. Many people recommend taking the cable car down the mountain, so that you can see the sunset, or you can go directly to the Yunlong Lake Scenic Area. From 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock, you queued up and got on the cable car. In theory, you could catch the sunset in time, but I didn’t watch it because of the fog. Arrived, missed it. Let’s make a complaint about Yunlong Lake. You can’t walk directly to the lake after getting off the cable car. There are various restaurants around the lake. You have to walk a long way to get to the lake. There are many mosquitoes at night, so it is not recommended to go there.
In the evening, I went to eat the casserole recommended by a friend, Duofulin Casserole. This restaurant requires you to order before you can queue up. The dining environment is very poor, and the dishes are indeed not photogenic, but the taste is very good, and the chicken feet and couplings are very good. eat.
Day 3 Link to title I went to Po Lin Temple in the morning. The temple has a huge square. I have not seen such a big square in other temples. It is very grand. The Maitreya Buddha statue in Tsutenkaku Tower is 39.88 meters tall. As a lover of huge silent objects, I watched it for a long time.
Adhering to the principle of “come and come”, I bowed very seriously. I obviously feel that the incense of the God of Wealth is much stronger than others. Now people’s thoughts are still very realistic.
I drew a lot, won the lot, looked at it and saw the word “Yiran”, and it felt strange to see my name in the lot.
At noon, we went to Tianji Restaurant, which served stir-fried dishes. I ordered stir-fried chicken, stir-fried potato chips and vegetarian dishes. The dry stir-fried chicken is not the same as the spicy chicken. It has the feeling of dry stir-fried Kung Pao chicken. It is not so spicy and is quite delicious. However, because they are both dry stir-fried vegetables, drinking a lot of water is not enough.
Transportation link to the title My friends and I are both people who like to walk, so we basically walk back to the hotel at night. However, the traffic lights in Xuzhou are very unfriendly. It is often seen that the red light takes 85 seconds and the green light takes 25 seconds. In addition, there are many electric vehicles in Xuzhou, and various traffic rules are relatively arbitrary. The overall feeling is a bit dangerous. It is more convenient to take a taxi for daily travel, and most travel needs can be solved within 20 yuan.

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