I was accidentally bitten by Mr Muscle’s sewer glue.

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In the UK, there is a brand of sewer pipes called Mr Muscle . This Gel (let’s call it glue) bar is amazing. You only need to pour it into the pipe and wait for tens of minutes/half an hour, and it will open by itself. I often take a shower. It will get clogged because of my hair, so this glue is very effective.

I fell down a few days ago, and then I forgot about it. Then after a while, I stepped into the bathtub barefoot to take a bath, and then I realized that it was all over my feet. I immediately washed it with water, but I still felt the stain on my feet. There was a burning sensation on my skin, and I immediately felt uneasy, especially after reading the instructions on the bottle and searching online. They said that this stuff is highly corrosive and toxic. The more I thought about it, the more I became afraid.

The next day I called 111 ( NHS non-emergency number), GP (General Practitioner in the UK), and the emergency number of the company’s products that I searched online.

The non-emergency number 111 in the UK asked about the situation and said they would consult a doctor and call me back. However, I called twice in the middle of the night and I didn’t receive any call.

The GP asked about the situation and said that the doctor would not do anything in this situation, unless there was a wound or it was swallowed by mistake, or it touched the eye. In this case, the situation is very serious and you need to go to the A&E emergency center immediately.

The company’s medical phone call asked about the situation and said it was fine. Generally speaking, as long as there are no blistering or peeling on the feet and no wounds on the feet, it will be fine. I washed it immediately, so there was very little glue remaining on the skin. If left on the skin surface for a long time, it will be absorbed by the body.

No matter what, you should be careful in the future and wear gloves (PPE=Personal Protective Equipment), and the company’s customer service said that you must read the instructions on the bottle and rinse it immediately with hot water.

The bottle says to call the Poison Center immediately? I don’t know if there is such an organization in the UK. I feel like the manufacturer deliberately made the matter serious. The company’s medical assistant said that the proportion of corrosive liquids is not very large. I don’t need to worry too much.

mr-muscle-drain-gel-scaled 不小心被Mr Muscle通下水道的胶水弄了一脚 生活 资讯

Mr. Muscle, the strongest glue for sewerage

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I accidentally got my foot kicked by Mr Muscle’s sewer glue . ( AMP mobile accelerated version )

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75a5a60b9cac61e5c8c71a96e17f2d9c 不小心被Mr Muscle通下水道的胶水弄了一脚 生活 资讯

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