Yahoo! JAPAN password-free authentication 25% fewer queries 2.6 times faster login

Yahoo! JAPAN is one of Japan’s largest media companies, providing services such as search, news, e-commerce, and email. More than 50 million users log in to Yahoo! JAPAN every month. There have been many attacks on user accounts and issues resulting in loss of account access over the years. Most of these problems are related to passwords used for authentication. With the latest developments in authentication technology, Yahoo! JAPAN has decided to move from a password-based approach to passwordless authentication. Yahoo! JAPAN has been working on a passwordless login program since 2015. This started with FIDO server certification in May 2015, and has since introduced SMS authentication, password deactivation, and FIDO support for each device. 30 million monthly active users today have passwords disabled and use non-password authentication methods. Yahoo! JAPAN’s support for FIDO started with Chrome on Android, and more than 10 million users have now set up FIDO authentication. As a result of Yahoo! JAPAN’s initiatives, the proportion of inquiries about forgotten login IDs or passwords has decreased by 25% from its peak, and unauthorized access has decreased due to an increase in the number of accounts without passwords.

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