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I slept for too long in the afternoon nap last night, so I closed my eyes for a long time last night and barely fell asleep. In the second half of the night, I had a dream without a dream. I dreamed that I was chased for no reason, but it was much better than before. I used to dream that I was chased and could not run, but now I dreamed that I was chased and could run. .

I got up in the morning and received a comment “reply”, I kindly told him based on the objective facts, but he said I was “fake big empty”, and he deleted the previous comment in anger, but I still felt angry and directly scolded back “Playing the piano to the cow” “I don’t care if you’re right or wrong, I’ll scold anyone who says I’m wrong, and save me from looking for “chicken soup literature” every day to ease my mental state.

Because I went to the supermarket to buy apples 🍎4 for 20 yuan last night, I went out to eat breakfast today. I felt that eating oatmeal alone was not enough (although there was bread 🍞). Today’s food is still “Fresh Pork Bun, Tremella Soup, Tea Egg”. I have a three-piece set for breakfast. It is this ” Tremella Soup” that looks so transparent and I always wonder if something is added! It’s all about technology and hard work, brothers!

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