Yingchuanghuizhi received hundreds of millions of B+ rounds of financing

Yingchuang Huizhi Automobile is an auto parts research and development company, dedicated to innovation and product development in the technical fields of vehicle dynamics control, chassis electronic control, automotive intelligent active safety, etc., providing users with automotive ABS\TCS\ESC, AEB, ADAS As well as products such as key executive control components for smart cars. Recently, Yingchuang Huizhi completed the latest round of financing. This financing was led by Hengxu Capital under SAIC Group and Ruicheng Fund under Chery Group. Shanghai Guohe, Yichen Capital, Huakong Fund, CITIC Construction Investment, Zhongnuo Collaboration and other well-known institutions participated in the investment, and old shareholders such as Longding Investment, Zhongguancun Frontier Fund, Delian Capital, and BAIC Production Investment also continued to follow the investment. Guotai Junan acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. This round of financing will be used for the construction of the company’s ESC/EPBi and EBooster intelligent manufacturing bases, to accelerate the scale of core line control system products such as ADAS, L3-EPS, and IBC, and to build Beijing R&D headquarters and production center, Hubei Seiko manufacturing base and Automotive dynamic test field.

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