Yingze Biopharmaceutical Completed Pre-A Round Financing of Tens of Millions of RMB

Yingze Pharmaceutical is mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of biological reagents, tumor diagnosis, detection-related reagents and other biological products, as well as technical services related to exosomes and fluorescence quantitative PCR. Completed tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round of financing, this round of financing was exclusively invested by Titan Heyuan Fund. This round of financing will be mainly used to continue to expand the scale of the R&D team of molecular diagnostic raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials and tool reagents for the industrial market, and to further improve the large-scale production capacity at the GMP level, so as to provide diagnostic companies, pharmaceutical companies and customers in related fields with more advanced technology. High-performance quality, more convenient, more competitively priced and highly stable domestic alternative solutions.

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