Yizhi Electronics completed hundreds of millions of B+ financing

Yizhi Technology is a high-tech company that provides advanced and complete solutions for industrial control, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, smart home and other fields with leading digital-analog hybrid Soc chip design as its core technology. Recently, Yizhi Technology completed the B round of financing with a cumulative scale of hundreds of millions of yuan. The B+ round was led by Wen’s Capital, followed by Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, and the old shareholders Northern Light Venture Capital, Datai Capital, Zhuhai High-tech Financial Investment and other successive rounds of follow-up investment. Funds from this round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the construction of Yizhi Electronics on the end-side AI general computing power platform, and the layout in intelligent markets such as smart security, smart vehicle, and smart hardware (AIoT).

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