You can eat shit, but please respect people who don’t eat shit

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△ 160|You can eat shit, but please respect those who don’t eat shit

After the Apple conference every year, there will be a period of discussion craze. If you like it or not, it makes sense when you discuss it separately, but it will have a different fun when you put it together. After a launch event or a new product release, the V2EX forum has become my favorite area of ​​”research” and a source of fun and inspiration for a long time.

So this year’s theme, I’ve drawn up the theme of the title: You can eat shit, but please respect those who don’t eat shit.

The premise is that a user said that he did not like Apple’s current product design, thinking that he could not understand the “beauty” in it. Such disrespect, of course, will blow up the shithole in this forum at the time. There must be some people who stand up to maintain the products they like; there are also people who express that they do not understand product design but still have to use them; there are those who like it, and naturally there are those who hate it.

In fact, I have seen such a situation too many times, and it is somewhat numb, because most of the time, their discussions revolve around the binary opposition of “black and white”. Being ridiculed is not an opinion. So right and wrong are very important here. When I liked to be a shit stirrer two years ago, I also bombed here, and I left a sentence: “If you don’t buy it, you won’t buy it, and Apple didn’t go bankrupt because of you; you buy it, and Apple doesn’t disappear. I have to give you any equity for this obscene shareholder.” This sentence naturally made it difficult to recognize, because both sides of the black and white seemed to be stimulated by me. But isn’t that the case? If you don’t like it, you can change the device. You have to express your own subjective point of view and try to pretend to be objective. You don’t allow others to express doubts and denials about his disallowance.

But that’s where the fun lies. It would be somewhat boring if people stopped seeing the world in a “black and white” way.

These two days just happened to be the college entrance examination. Every year, there are adults who enjoy the college entrance examination. After the annual composition is published, adults will also participate in the college entrance examination as soon as possible, and feel that they can write a decent high-scoring composition.

Since it is an exam, there is a difference between “right and wrong”, so it is inevitable to see adults arguing about who has the better composition for the college entrance examination. But think about it on the other hand, this entertainment project is one of the few adults who can still get back the confidence of the college entrance examination. You ask them to do a set of math test papers, which is obviously difficult for adults who are “busy every day”. , but if they were asked to talk about composition, anyone could talk for a while. But obviously, “composition” is one of the few exams that does not have a “correct answer”, but people have to find out whether it is right or wrong, so that adults can write for the college entrance examination whose perspective is more interesting and who writes better. Noisy.

I should have mentioned before that many people repeatedly dream of going back to school. Generally, there are two situations. One is that they are about to face a relatively big test. Dreaming, and in the dream has been attracting attention and being praised for the “sparkling” that real life does not have in the dream, because this person is living in a very embarrassed real life, so he wants to escape back to the most familiar place with him. is also the most glorious moment.

There is also such a subtle possibility implied by adults “writing” college entrance examination compositions. Because adults boast that their cognition and ideas are superior to those of high school students, what they write must be excellent and more “in line with” the concepts of composition – precisely because they think their ideas and opinions are Yes, that’s why you are afraid of being doubted and denied. Just like when you talk about your likes and dislikes about a certain product on the forum, those who will reveal their identity from the beginning, such as they have used many products of a certain brand, used to be a fan of a certain brand product, and have many bigwigs around. In this category, they are more concerned about whether their views will be supported by others-because they put themselves in a role of “distinguishing” others, thinking that their speech is authoritative and referential because they are professional enough .

And at this time, a person who didn’t care who he was at all was killed, and even slandered his views, thinking that some of his expressions were problematic, and the war started. In the comments below, you can see this person’s “polite and objective” explanation to another person, or the exclusion of “pulling and standing in line”, and at worst, you can @ the administrator of the forum, sue someone like a primary school student Personal attacks were made against him.

Every year is a plot like this, and I enjoy watching it every year, so every year there are new discoveries and ideas.

What I learned this year is: Respect the right of others to eat shit, but remember, don’t tell others that you don’t eat shit, and don’t question why others eat shit. Because eating shit itself is also a state of “eating or eating” in their eyes.

When you are walking in the desert and you are about to die of thirst, there are three cups of water, one cup of urine, one cup of thin excrement, and one cup of excrement and urine mixed in front of you. You must choose one cup. Which cup do you choose?

Get rid of the logic of “eat or eat”, think about it, why don’t you choose the three glasses of water instead of the three glasses of shit?

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