Youjia Bio completed the A+ round of financing of tens of millions of yuan


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On September 23, 2022, Youjia (Hangzhou) Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Youjia Bio) announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in A+ round of financing. This round of financing was exclusively led by Shaanxi Investment Growth. This round of funds is mainly used to advance the IND application of Youjia’s liver fibrosis project YJH-0425 and preclinical research on multiple other product pipelines.

After less than a year, Youjia Bio has received additional investment from professional institutions after the joint investment of tens of millions of RMB by Tasly Group Boyi Fund and Kangju Venture Capital. of high recognition.

Youjia (Hangzhou) Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Youjia Bio”) was jointly established by a number of returnee doctors and a team with rich industrialization experience. It has nearly 1,500 square meters of biological and chemical laboratories to meet clinical needs. As the starting point, it is our responsibility to make innovative drugs affordable for the common people. The product pipeline covers anti-fibrosis, anti-virus, cardiovascular disease and other fields. At present, a mature nucleic acid drug full-process development platform has been established, including nucleic acid drug intelligent design NDDS system, drug evaluation system, CPNP\PNAC\LNP delivery system and nucleic acid drug CMC platform.

Nucleic acid drugs are the third wave of pharmaceuticals after small molecules and antibody drugs, and have become a must for the global pharmaceutical industry. However, there are extremely high thresholds in technical aspects such as target selection, chemical modification, and delivery systems, which restrict the industry development of. In order to improve the druggability and international competitiveness of nucleic acid drugs, Youjia Bio has built an intelligent NDDS system for target selection and sequence design, a third-generation CMS3 modification technology for chemical modification, owns independent intellectual property rights, and meets a variety of delivery methods and requirements. The targeted diversified delivery system of CPNP, PNAC and LNP solves the key technical problems affecting druggability such as nucleic acid sequence stability, half-life, immunogenicity and specificity, and greatly shortens the research and development cycle and research and development costs. The FIC product 0425 independently developed by Jia Bio will submit an IND application by the end of 2022.

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