Youtube playback speed control: video custom speed

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Youtube playback speed control:视频自定义倍速


Due to the lack of editing and some experience optimization of the video content of some users, the video is too watery, too large, and spacey, and the default maximum speed is 2x. If the 2x speed is still too slow, especially for popular videos and current affairs, etc. The speed is really not enough, you can use this Chrome plugin to customize the speed

Plugin name: Youtube Playback Speed ​​Control

Plugin official link:


You can directly open the link above to install, or you can download it yourself in the app store


If you can’t access it, you can search for the plugin with the same name (provided by a third-party download site)


After enabling the plug-in, some parameters can be adjusted in the settings, mainly to modify the variable spacing and display position


The use effect is shown in the figure, you can customize 2.5, 3 and other times, generally 2.5~3, and it does not affect the function display of the plug -in Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) small window.


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