YouTube replacement: Chief commercial officer announces departure

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On the morning of August 30, Beijing time, according to reports, on Monday, local time, Robert Kyncl, long-serving chief business officer (CBO) of YouTube, announced that he would leave the mainstream American social video platform. He previously worked for the company for more than 12 years.

The company confirmed that Mary Ellen Coe, Google’s president of global customer solutions, will take over as YouTube’s chief commercial officer in early October. Ginkle will stay on YouTube for now to help with the transition.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki thanked Kinchell on Twitter that day.

“We owe a lot to your leadership for our growth and impact,” Wojcicki wrote. “I am delighted to welcome Mary Ellen Coe as the new YouTube Chief Commercial Officer. Mary Ellen’s career at Google has been Committed to making partners more successful, I know she will do the same for YouTube creators, partners and users!”

Ginchell joined the Google-owned video platform in the third quarter of 2010 after nearly eight years as Netflix’s vice president of content.

Wojcicki reportedly sent an internal memo to YouTube employees on Monday. The memo states that under Kincher’s leadership, “YouTube forged new partnerships in music, traditional media and technology” while “paying creators, artists and media companies more than $300 over the past three years” One hundred million U.S. dollars”.

Kincher’s experiences at Netflix and YouTube have made him the go-to for traditional media executives, including former Disney CEO Bob Iger, who have pivoted to direct-to-consumer streaming services.

Incoming Chief Commercial Officer Mary Ellen Coe has been with Google since 2012 and has been Google’s president of global customer solutions since early 2017. Before joining the search giant, she was a partner at McKinsey & Company.

She also served on the boards of multinational healthcare company Merck & Co and Whole Foods, a grocery company prior to its acquisition by Amazon.


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