Youyan Morning Post: It is rumored that the new derivative work of “The Legend of Zelda” has been cancelled;

Good morning, friends, the following is the morning research report brought by the intern.

1. According to industry sources, Retro Studios, the developer of “Metrood Prime”, was previously developing a “Legend of Zelda” derivative game “Heroes of Hyrule” (Heroes of Hyrule). This is a game similar to Final Fantasy: Tactics Edition.

The protagonists of the story are three heroes, Goron, Zora, and Rito, who go to the rescue after Link is ambushed.

However, the whistleblower revealed that Retro Studios has stopped development of “Heroes of Hyrule” for unknown reasons.

2. On September 3, 2022, under the guidance of the Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department and hosted by the National Copyright Exchange Center Joint Conference, the top ten national IPs of 2021 were announced, and the top ten annual national IPs, as well as games, literature, film and television, were finally selected. 16 track prizes await. “Genshin Impact” won the Gold Award on the game track, “Peace Elite” won the Silver Award, and “Honkai 3” won the Bronze Award.

3. “Sprague 3” announced the changes in the “Working Mode” in the game:

– The part-time job mode will be open for 24 hours, no longer limited to play like the 2nd generation

– You can practice in private room mode, weapons, maps, and difficulty can be customized

– Increase the difficulty level “Legendary”, the risk is 333%

– EX-Wave may appear after Wave 3 ends

4. Uncle Party The Snitch recently released a set of icons, which seems to imply that “Two Together” is about to land on the Switch platform. The outside world speculates that icons such as trees, ice cubes, and wasps represent specific levels in “Two Players”.

5. The second season of the TV anime “The Daily Life of Pops and Pipi” is confirmed to be broadcast on October 1.

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