Yu Minhong doesn’t have to be Luo Yonghao

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Source/Wired Insight (ID: lxinsight)

“Who has the contact information of the Oriental Selection Investment Promotion Team? Please recommend!” Recently, this has become a “hot” question frequently asked by brand merchants in the recent circle.

Anyone who has had some contact with the internal staff of Dongfang Selection may be surrounded by merchants who intend to cooperate with Dongfang Selection – I hope the other party can help to open up the relationship.

After a lapse of half a year, the selection of the East is really hot, so hot that even the internal employees are a little caught off guard. But the traffic coming from the live broadcast room like flood irrigation, they couldn’t allow them to think about how it suddenly became popular.

At the moment, the thinking of some internal employees is, “The most important thing at the moment is to take advantage of the heat and take over this traffic plate.” What is presented to the outside world is the Dongfang Selection Live Broadcasting Room, which has recently started to last for more than 18 hours a day. Super long “battery” working state.

The number of viewers in the live broadcast room in the past week has reached 100,000+, and the number of followers has increased by about 4 million in 5 days. This is what Dongfang Xuan and Yu Minhong are happy to see, and it is also the result they have been looking forward to for a long time.

Photo source "Oriental Selection" live broadcast room Photo source “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room

Coincidentally, Luo Yonghao quit the “Make Friends” management at the same time when Dongfang’s selection became popular and started a new business. As a result, a large number of remarks similar to “Yu Minhong relaying Luo Yonghao” came one after another.

Although they are both in the field of e-commerce, have Yu Minhong and Luo Yonghao stepped into the same river? Is Yu Minhong the next Luo Yonghao?

Wired Insight asked a number of insiders who knew the Oriental selection team with the above questions, and many people felt embarrassed, “Those who know the Oriental selection may have a hard time telling the similarities between Yu Minhong and Luo Yonghao. Because Whether it is personal positioning, planning for the live broadcast business, or original intentions, there is no comparison between the two.”

But what the above-mentioned insiders have to admit is that Luo Yonghao’s withdrawal from the management of the “Make a Friend” company is indeed one of the factors that caused the recent explosion of “Oriental Selection” – Douyin needs a second “Luo Yonghao”.

What’s more important is “the right time and the right place”, an insider couldn’t help but sigh, “In the past six months, New Oriental has indeed insisted on doing a long-term valuable and meaningful thing. And it is very hard work.”

It is a happy event that the live broadcast room of Dongfang Selection finally has a new look. But the question that has to be pondered after the carnival is, how long can these emotional spectators who enter the arena chanting “I really want to be like you” and “I’m about to cry watching your live broadcast” can last? If the “bilingual live broadcast” is outdated, what method can Dongfang Selection use to keep them?

Perhaps, Dongfang Xuan did not think about these questions, but at least Yu Minhong kept his calm.

Just like smelling the “double reduction policy” signal in advance last year, recently, Yu Minhong and the popular English anchor Dong Yuhui recently chatted on WeChat, and put forward his prediction that “the popularity will drop a little in two days.”

Photo source Dong Yuhui's personal Weibo Photo source Dong Yuhui’s personal Weibo

New Oriental didn’t suddenly find the right way because of “bilingual live broadcast”, but it has been walking on a road that is not easy to be recognized by the outside world. It happened to open “Pandora’s Box” because of “bilingual live broadcast”.

How did New Oriental find the right way?

The investment promotion team of Oriental Selection has recently been “distressed” – “Every day, there are hundreds of brand Fang Fang plus Wechat friends of Oriental Selection investment staff, and it is impossible to read all these application requirements. There are too many.”

Overnight, Dongfang Selection suddenly became popular. The 1 million fans that took half a year to accumulate before, can now be achieved in one day.

Countless brands have become restless, and they want to cooperate with Dongfang Selection.

This enthusiasm was first shown in how to establish contact with the investment promotion team, and even the industry began to spread a tense atmosphere where whoever gets in touch with the other side first will be one step closer to successful cooperation.

“The investment recruiters of Dongfang Selection have not passed my friend application. Has anyone contacted Dongfang Selection?” In the past few days, many brand operators in e-commerce communication groups complained that they could not contact Dongfang Selection. .

The dramatic scene is that in the six months before that, they never mentioned cooperation with Dongfang Selection in the group, or even had the idea of ​​cooperation.

Now their attitude has turned 180 degrees. The fundamental reason is that what shrouded the “Oriental Selection” before was controversy, but now it is a halo.

But those who are familiar with the style of Dongfang’s selection team know, “New Oriental cherishes their feathers very much, and they will not sell for the sake of selling. This is related to Yu Minhong’s personal feelings.”

Most people attribute the success of Dongfang Selection to finding the “bilingual live broadcast” traffic password.

But the real situation is that the live broadcast room of Oriental Selection has been carrying out “bilingual teaching” content. More than a month after the debut at the end of last year, many anchor members who have transformed from New Oriental teachers have integrated their professional knowledge into the script book. “Bilingual live broadcast” is only one of the forms.

On February 28, the Oriental Selection Live Room, the picture source is a screenshot of its Douyin live room On February 28, the Oriental Selection Live Room, the picture source is a screenshot of its Douyin live room

In the past six months, “bilingual live broadcast” has not aroused the interest of netizens. But suddenly, on June 10, “Bilingual Live” was on the Douyin hot search list. After that, the traffic in the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room poured in like a flood, and received widespread attention.

Why did “Oriental Selection” suddenly explode in June? The same “bilingual live broadcast”, the same anchor team, and the same explanation method, why has the “Oriental Selection” not been out of the circle in the past six months?

“A lot of things happened in June. It was the 618 promotion point, when Li Jiaqi disappeared and Luo Yonghao started a new journey of entrepreneurship. The live broadcast and delivery circle urgently needs to set a new positive benchmark.” According to an insider close to Dongfang Selection, “Dongfang Selection just insisted on doing a long-term valuable and meaningful thing, and now they finally have the opportunity, they can follow the trend. To sum up in one sentence: the right time and place are right for people.”

The Douyin platform has changed a lot in its attitude towards “Oriental Selection”. Douyin did not give a lot of publicity to the key nodes that should have given relevant support to the first live show of Dongfang Selection. However, after the marketing event of Dongfang Selection breaking through one million fans in June, various related topics began to frequently appear on the Douyin hot search list, and traffic also hit.

“At that time, there were too many options on the Douyin platform.” An insider close to Douyin learned that, “At that time, Douyin’s official traffic support for Dongfang Selection was not high. The support of high-quality anchors is divided into three reward tiers: S, A, and B. A few leading anchors such as Luo Yonghao belonged to S rank at the time, and Yu Minhong’s side was assigned A rank.”

At present, under the situation of repeated epidemics, the public’s mood is depressed and a booster is urgently needed. Dongfang Selection just plays the role of emotional value output. The traffic brought by the “bilingual live broadcast” hot search just opened up this “Pandora’s Box”.

New Oriental itself is a representative symbol that rises against the trend again after experiencing the big waves and scouring the sand. When the “Oriental Selection” with the spirit of New Oriental collided with the strong chicken soup output and scene construction ability of the anchors, it was moved under the epidemic. Countless frustrated emotional users – they have found rising power and role models in the live broadcast room.

In the hearts of more users, they hope that their empathy will not fail, and naturally they do not want to see New Oriental go silent.

A large number of fragmentary comments in the live broadcast room also pieced together this psychology – “Because of the popular teacher Dong Yuhui, I downloaded Douyin” “The first Douyin shopping in my life, I gave Dongfang a selection” “You deserve to be more popular.” After seeing” “After watching the live broadcast, I feel that life is not so boring anymore” “A light came in in my tired life, which made me realize that I can’t continue to waste time, and I have to study hard!”

Photo source "Oriental Selection" live broadcast room Photo source “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room

A scene that can be compared is that four months ago, just after the Spring Festival, the live broadcast room with only a few thousand people in Dongfang Selection was still full of people. “Although the live broadcast style of the anchors is very novel, it is difficult for me to have the desire to shop.” and similar remarks.

With the help of “Bilingual Live Broadcast”, Dongfang Selection, which came out of the circle, has also taken further actions.

BOSS direct recruitment shows that Oriental Selection is urgently hiring bilingual anchors and English anchors. Among them, the monthly salary of bilingual anchors is as high as 40,000 yuan. And the post requires that “the position of the bilingual anchor should inspire and guide the audience with potential shopping needs to complete the purchase process”. In addition, recently, all the anchors who have left the country in the live broadcast room have started bilingual live broadcasts.

A practitioner of a third-party agency who has cooperated with Dongfang Selection also noticed obvious changes. “For the past few months, the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room has been strong in selling goods and weak in knowledge. But after the recent hotspot, it has become strong in knowledge and weak in selling.”

The adjustment of the live broadcast rhythm is not surprising to the above practitioners. “Dongfang Selection is trying to catch this wave of traffic. At present, they will consider many issues internally, such as whether the audience attracted by a large number of hot spots is to listen to knowledge or to buy goods? What percentage of users finally place orders? How to sell goods? Balance with the rhythm of knowledge to retain the audience?”

The sudden popularity has made the entire Dongfang selection team busy. Although many internal employees still don’t understand the real reason for the popularity, they can’t think about it clearly.

A New Oriental employee couldn’t hide his excitement, “Take advantage of the heat, hurry up to increase the number of fans and traffic. After a while, the traffic will stabilize.” “Everyone has been working hard these days, not only the anchors don’t broadcast until nearly 2 am, Investment promotion members are also staying up late for meetings.”

Douyin is like a traffic star-making machine, and few people can become popular on Douyin. Dongfang Selection is not the first “anchor” to explode, nor will it be the last. Therefore, regardless of the quality of the users in the live broadcast room, trying to take this step of the traffic market, Dongfang Selection is right.

Yu Minhong doesn’t have to be Luo Yonghao

Yu Minhong will not step into the same river as Luo Yonghao.

Also facing the word “ideal”, Luo Yonghao and Yu Minhong give completely different definitions. In Yu Minhong’s eyes, “ideal is to constantly raise one’s beliefs throughout his life”, which contains many emotional elements.

And Luo Yonghao’s ideal is basically permeated in the business world – “You may regret starting a business again, and you will regret 100% if you stop starting a business.”

Therefore, when the two entered the live broadcast industry with their own “ideals”, the meaning and results were completely different.

With the idea of ​​​​a complex of agriculture, Yu Minhong found the platform of live broadcast and started the road of helping farmers and bringing goods. This is a somewhat pathetic and resilient “playbook”. As Dong Yuhui said, “we hold our breath” during the half-year live broadcast.

But even if the traffic in the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room is poor, Yu Minhong has not made himself a normal anchor. A New Oriental employee said, “Mr. Yu will often drop into the live broadcast room to increase the popularity of ‘Oriental Selection’.”

Photo source Yu Minhong's personal Weibo Photo source Yu Minhong’s personal Weibo

This is also in line with the point that New Oriental has publicly emphasized many times. “Oriental selects the anchor team to help teachers transform under the New Oriental system. We hope to give benefits to teachers.” This is another major factor for Yu Minhong to enter the live broadcast and delivery industry. The original intention – to provide more teachers with employment opportunities.

In addition, Yu Minhong himself likes live broadcasts, but does not want to become an Internet celebrity anchor, and deliberately downplays his presence in the New Oriental live broadcast room.

He directly expressed his thoughts on his WeChat public account “Lao Yu Gossip” – “I don’t want to develop myself into a live broadcast and online celebrity. Only when the team itself is strong can the business continue to develop. I have more important things to do. do it”.

“Mr. Yu wants to be like a spokesperson for New Oriental’s live broadcast business,” a New Oriental employee recalled to Wired Insight, “On December 28 last year, he personally brought goods in his live broadcast room. It was special. Because that day was Oriental. For the first live show of the selection, in order to increase the influence of New Oriental, a new platform for bringing goods, he first brought goods in the live broadcast room of his account, so as to direct the traffic to ‘Oriental Selection’ more quickly.”

Everything is developing according to Yu Minhong’s ideal goal.

On June 10, the night that “Bilingual Live” was listed on Douyin’s hot search list, Yu Minhong, who came to “Oriental Selection” as a guest star as usual, unexpectedly began to be “disgusted” by netizens and urged to leave the venue not long after he went online. Because they wanted to listen to Dong Yuhui’s bilingual delivery, Yu Minhong’s appearance actually “delayed” their learning progress.

The audience finally began to select for the East instead of Yu Minhong’s IP to the live broadcast room. This is the result Yu Minhong most wanted to see.

Different from Yu Minhong’s “manipulation” and directing of New Oriental’s large-scale inspirational drama that “changes his life” by live broadcast, Luo Yonghao brings his own aura of a big hero who relies on his ability to complete a self-redemption.

Unlike Yu Minhong, who has to bear the heavy responsibility of making a living for the company’s 50,000 employees, Luo Yonghao entered the live broadcast industry mainly to solve his own debt problem.

Therefore, from the beginning of entering the live broadcast industry in 2020 to the completion of his departure in the near future, Luo Yonghao has been frequently active in front of the screen as a major anchor of the “Make Friends” team.

Although he has revealed his heart many times, live broadcast is not his ideal and love, but Luo Yonghao, who entered the game with a debt of 600 million yuan, has to persevere – he is suitable and has to be an “anchor Luo Yonghao”. This positioning alone puts him and Yu Minhong, who is the “trader” of Dongfang Selection, on two completely different development tracks.

Luo Yonghao, who was forced to “pay off his debts by performing arts”, has a stronger sense of grounding.

Figure source Luo Yonghao's personal public account Figure source Luo Yonghao’s personal public account

The punk youth who claimed to be “obscure in taste and stubborn by nature” did not pick and choose in the face of customers. Even if it was something that was disliked before, Luo Yonghao had to show his face and touted it vigorously.

For example, in the first live show of Douyin in April 2020, Luo Yonghao brought goods for Xiaomi Mi 10, and invited Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi China, who had started a Weibo scolding with him, to the live broadcast room, and explained on the spot, “Actually, I don’t like to quarrel. people, mainly because of that circle forcing people to do this.”

Although the “Make Friends” live broadcast room, which became popular after signing with Luo Yonghao, gradually got on the right track, Luo Yonghao began to gradually dilute his sense of existence, but the public’s attention still cannot escape “Anchor Luo Yonghao”.

In addition, he is about to start a new project. Recently, Luo Yonghao put on a curtain call in the media ahead of schedule, but in the next three years, Luo Yonghao will still perform dozens of live broadcasts for “making friends” as a “guest anchor”.

One is an “anchor” and the other is a trader; the other is forbearance and energy for his new entrepreneurial dream, and the other is seeking new livelihood opportunities for the 50,000 employees behind him; one is a “born proud” entrepreneur, and the other is facing a sudden disorder in the industry Old entrepreneurs who still maintain resilience on the track.

Luo Yonghao and Yu Minhong are the two bright lights in this era of “lying flat” and “Buddha” pandemic, but each has its own charm, the outside world can’t, and there is no need to let the two compete for your superiority Low.

How far is New Oriental from the agricultural product supply chain platform?

“The biggest change in Oriental Selection is that there is no change.”

When asked “What is the biggest change in Dongfang Selection in the past six months?”, an insider close to Dongfang Selection gave the conclusion that “everything is moving forward in an orderly manner according to the original strategic plan of Dongfang Selection”. .

Perhaps there are still many people who remember that in November last year, when Yu Minhong decided to enter the live broadcast industry, he focused on building a large-scale agricultural product supply chain platform.

Three months later, when a number of employees close to New Oriental were interviewed by Wired Insight, they once again confirmed the existence of the agricultural product supply chain platform. “Building a supply chain platform for agricultural products is the key development direction of New Oriental in the future.”

After three months again, this direction has a further concrete shape.

Recently, the founder of Runmi Consulting interviewed Liu Run when interviewing Sun Dongxu, the person in charge of Oriental Selection. The latter “hopes that in the future, the left hand will be a product technology company, and the right hand will be a cultural communication company.”

A cultural communication company is a live streaming platform. The product technology company focuses on “agriculture” and solves problems such as “how to use high-tech means to plant and breed? How to improve the efficiency of production? How to use technology to improve the quality of products?” In other words, it is to develop a supply chain platform for agricultural products.

“Oriental Selection is focusing on developing its own agricultural products,” several New Oriental employees told Wired Insight, “3-4 products have been created so far.”

At present, Wired Insight has only found two self-operated products in the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room, one is durian frozen meat, 100g*4 boxes are priced at 129 yuan; the other is Wuchang rice.

In the view of COO Southwest of Yunnan Fresh Douyin live broadcast base, it is considered to use durian frozen meat and rice as the entry point for its own brand. “One is a seasonal flow product, and the other is a just-needed product.”

However, building a supply chain platform for agricultural products is not an easy task. An insider close to New Oriental learned that, “Oriental Selection has been exploring self-operated products internally, and it took half a year to officially put 2 products on the shelves, indicating that this is a very long-term job. In the live broadcast industry, only New Oriental Have the strength and stamina to do it.”

What needs to be understood is that at present, there are several major problems in the field of domestic agricultural product supply chain management: first, the agricultural product has a high loss rate, has a strong seasonality and has a short shelf life; second, the agricultural product supply chain is chaotic and disorderly, and upstream production is concentrated. In addition to the large land area, the production and sales of agricultural products are scattered and the supply chain links are complicated and lengthy. Third, on the demand side, enterprises have great demand for agricultural products, but there are no stable suppliers.

Therefore, in Southwest’s view, “after improving its own agricultural product supply chain, New Oriental should continue to expand the commodity pool of its own agricultural product brands in the future, and may even develop an independent agricultural product APP.”

Perhaps, New Oriental still has a long way to go from a mature “product technology company”, but Yu Minhong should not be afraid.

“The one I admire the most is Master Hongyi.” On numerous occasions and in front of the camera, Yu Minhong bluntly stated his respect for Master Hongyi, which also led him to pursue the idea that life is to suffer. Perhaps it was the attitude of calmly accepting the suffering that gave Yu Minhong and New Oriental the determination and perseverance to shake off the dust and set off again, proving themselves to the outside world once again.

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