Yu Zao Collection (Part 3)

I haven’t written anything on the blog for a long time, and I can feel that my nonsense ability has deteriorated. The two propositional essays for the exam last month were very difficult to write. In the past six months, I have often wondered whether it is time to update, but I always put it on hold for various reasons until today.

It is customary to have a blog post at the beginning of each year to sum up the previous year. Before January has passed, I will make a brief summary here by the way.
Due to the epidemic this year, there are too many things that can only be done. After staying at home for nearly three months, in April we became the first batch of college students in the country to start school and were finally able to return to campus. Many students choose not to return to school for the time being, but I still want to go back. At school, I live alone in a dormitory for six people. I was so lonely, but I couldn’t feel lonely. I was only worried. I was thinking about the probability of me being admitted to a graduate school. I finally received a notice of admission at the end of May.
In June, I went to Suzhou again. An alumni-run tutoring agency provided accommodation. I had a roommate and worked together for two and a half months. These days in Suzhou, I have visited many places, such as Hanshan Temple, Fengqiao, Jinji Lake, Gate of the East, Suzhou Museum, Shantang Street, Pingjiang Road… There are many times when I want to go on a trip, and I have a temporary intention. Going to the subway, there is no purpose before departure, and it is very interesting to think about where to play on the way.
In July, I went back to the school to go through the graduation formalities. Because of the rainy season, the quilts and everything became moldy, and most of the things in the dormitory were finally thrown away. Many classmates came and went in a hurry for various reasons, and in the end they didn’t take a graduation photo with everyone present. Not this time, maybe not in this life. Due to the epidemic, the school was still closed for management at that time. Several people in our dormitory went out to have a meal together, and then went to the Internet cafe together until the early morning and came back again. The dormitory can no longer sleep because of mold. I planned to leave the next day, but in the end, I stayed for another night. Together, we opened an e-sports five black room outside. We played until the early morning, and then woke up. Exhausted, then the six went their separate ways.
In September, I went to Yangzhou to report and started postgraduate study. It’s too tiring to meet a new group of people, and I’m no longer willing to deliberately communicate with people. It’s better to make friends by chance.

What should I blog about after I often think about it in my head, do I record and share my life as before? But now this life is really boring, nothing more than taking classes, reading books, reading papers, and holding group meetings. The daily behavior arrangements are highly overlapping. Such a running account is quite boring.
Maybe try to change the style of writing? In the past six months, I have also read some, and I have some thoughts after reading, but my habits are too bad. Many thoughts are fleeting and not recorded, and I can’t remember them afterwards. It’s a pity. I wonder if I can record these thoughts on the blog. But there are also some concerns in this case. Due to my knowledge and position, I must have some immature ideas. If I put it on a blog for professionals to read, wouldn’t it be laughable? It is also a difficult choice.

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