“Yunchi Future” completed a new round of strategic financing, led by CLP Fund

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36氪 was informed that the smart car information security company “Yunchi Future” recently completed a new round of strategic financing, led by CLP Fund, and old shareholders Zhongguancun Frontier Fund and Jinsha River Venture Capital. . It is reported that this round of financing is mainly used for technical research and development and continuous iteration of automotive safety products, as well as team building and market expansion. Navigation Capital provides financial advisory services.

Founded in 2020, Yunchi Future is a technology, product and solution provider focusing on autonomous driving and car networking security. For autonomous driving enterprises and OEM OEMs, provide “software and hardware integration, vehicle cloud integration” smart car full life cycle information security solutions to help customers establish compliance with regulations and standards (UNECE/WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434, etc.) The required full life cycle information security management system, and provide the implementation of products, technologies, services and solutions.

Zeng Jianjun, founder and CEO of Yunchi Future, was the former CEO of Kyushu Yunteng, an information security company (the vice president of DingTalk after being acquired by Alibaba), and the former CTO of WatchGuard Greater China. The core team comes from Neusoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Dongfeng Motor, Datang Mobile, etc., and has capabilities in information security, automotive E/E architecture, autonomous driving and hardware engineering. Dalian, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. have established R&D centers and branches.

At present, the penetration rate of smart cars is increasing. The compound growth rate of China’s smart connected car shipments from 2020 to 2024 will reach 63.8%, far exceeding the expected global growth rate of 14.5% in the same period. With the acceleration of the intelligent network connection of automobiles, the threat of cyber attacks spreads rapidly to the vehicle end and the vehicle network platform. It is urgent to strengthen the automotive information such as intelligent network connected vehicles, V2X communication networks, vehicle network service platforms, vehicle network applications, and data protection. Safe construction.

Zeng Jianjun told 36Kr that although compared with the traditional Internet, the magnitude of the current attacks on cars is not large, and the cost and difficulty of attacks are relatively higher, the consequences of attacks on car safety are more severe. In addition to the personal safety of drivers and passengers, it also involves road pedestrians and social public safety issues. At the same time, the destructive consequences of system-level IoV security risks are even more catastrophic.

“With the in-depth development of the automotive industry in the direction of intelligent networking, the future car has gradually become a data center on wheels, and the on-board hardware and software equipment has become more complex. Today’s cars have dozens or hundreds of on-board The controller and about 100 million lines of code support the realization of various emerging functions such as autonomous driving, networked communication, human-computer interaction, etc. At the same time, highly complex automotive electrical and electronic systems, communication networks and software equipment are also required for vehicles and vehicles. Cyber-attacks on road infrastructure create a lot of opportunities and bring a lot of car safety issues,” Zeng Jianjun said.

In the field of automotive information security, Yunchi will focus on two things in the future: first, build a reliable and compliant safety protection system for smart cars; second, build a cloud real-time twin dynamic that integrates vehicle and cloud based on AI and machine learning technologies Security protection and monitoring platform.


Source: Yunchi Future

To this end, Yunchi will launch a security middleware product for the Internet of Vehicles in the future, which is deeply integrated with the vehicle EEA architecture and related services, and is deeply integrated into the ECU/DCU for the domain control systems in each vehicle (such as ADAS, cockpit domain, power domain, chassis domain, etc. ) provides security capabilities, including data encryption, authentication and authentication, attack protection, intrusion detection, security audit and other functions, which can be flexibly deployed in body systems and various in-vehicle electronic controllers to help realize in-vehicle-based AI algorithms and data-driven distributed security architecture.

In addition to the security middleware of the Internet of Vehicles, Yunchi will launch a variety of vehicle security gateway hardware products in the future, including the smart car security gateway D2000 and the next-generation smart car 5G security network domain controller L3000, which can meet the requirements of different body network architectures for high reliability To meet the different needs of network communication, network and data security, by building a trusted security architecture, preventing external intrusion, preventing illegal vehicle control, protecting data security and privacy data, and comprehensively guaranteeing vehicle network security.

In terms of compliance consulting and technical tools, Yunchi has developed a highly automated TARA tool for vehicle information security threat analysis and risk assessment – inTARA, which can establish information security requirements and asset libraries, complete vehicle security solutions, build Including vehicle key/certificate deployment management, vehicle cloud authentication, OTA upgrade security, remote diagnosis security, in-vehicle security communication and other protection systems.

On the basis of the defense-in-depth security system for bicycles, Yunchi will also build a cloud-based security operation center in the future – Yunchi Zhiyun VSOC, which can provide cloud, management, and terminal coordination of vehicle-cloud integrated information security capabilities, based on invasive and non-invasive It can build a real-time digital twin platform for vehicle safety, provide security operation capabilities such as situational awareness, emergency handling, and threat warning, as well as business service capabilities such as fleet management, asset management, traffic management, and secure OTA management, and realize vehicle network information. Security is visible, manageable, controllable, and credible.

Zeng Jianjun said that nearly half of Yunchi’s business in the future will come from the commercial scenarios of L4 autonomous driving, covering Baidu Apollo, JD Logistics, TuSimple, WeRide, Ali Xiaomanlu, Didi and other industry leaders. Autonomous driving company.

These business practices and technical accumulation have laid a solid foundation for Yunchi to enter the production line of OEMs in the future. At present, Yunchi has successively received mass production model projects from traditional car companies, and has become an information security supplier for many OEMs such as BMW, Dongfeng, King Long, and Foton. It is reported that Yunchi has achieved tens of millions of revenue in the next year.

On August 12, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Access Management of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Manufacturers and Products”, proposing requirements such as strengthening data and network security management, standardizing software online upgrades, and strengthening product management. Among them, in the part of strengthening data and network security management, it is emphasized that enterprises need to have technical measures to protect automotive electrical and electronic systems, components and functions from cyber threats, and have the technical conditions for detection and disposal of automotive cyber security risk monitoring, cyber security defects and vulnerabilities, etc. , to ensure that the vehicle and its functions are in a protected state, and to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and other specific requirements.

Zeng Jianjun said that with the further increase in the penetration rate of domestic intelligent networked vehicles, the automobile industry-related policies and regulations, technical requirements and management standards for vehicle information security are also on the way, especially the national vehicle information security standard is expected to be strong next year. Officially released in July, the automotive information security industry will usher in a window period for rapid development, which is also the opportunity for Yunchi in the future.

In response to this round of financing, Wang Manxiang, general manager of CLP Fund, said that under the current trend of the automotive networked and intelligent industry, emerging scenarios have spawned new information security construction needs. Yunchi Future has a complex team with rich experience in network security, autonomous driving, automotive electronics, vehicle architecture, etc., and its products have been recognized by head autonomous driving and OEM customers. We believe that with Yunchi’s future team genes, technical strength and industry first-mover advantages, Yunchi will be at the forefront of the Internet of Vehicles security industry in the future, escorting the information security of smart cars, and is expected to become a leader in the field of Internet of Vehicles security.

Jia Zhenzhao, partner of Zhongguancun Frontier Fund, said that Yunchi will be selected as the autonomous driving equipment supplier and technology supplier of Apollo, JD Logistics and Ali in the future. It has become an invisible leader in the domestic car networking security field in less than two years after its establishment. . We value the technical research and development capabilities and research spirit of the Yunchi team in the field of autonomous driving safety, and more importantly, the future product delivery logic of Yunchi based on commercial implementation. At the same time, we believe that Yunchi will rely on technical thresholds, business barriers and rapid product iterations in the future. It is expected to become the leading champion in the field of intelligent vehicle information security.

In response to this round of financing, Zhang Yutong, managing partner of GSR Ventures, said that China’s ICV shipments reached 13.7 million units, with a CAGR of 16.1% in the next 4 years, and there is an opportunity to cultivate a world-leading technology company. In the future, Yunchi will have talents in both the automotive and safety fields, and has demonstrated efficient execution and innovation capabilities in both business and production and research. Its products cover autonomous driving customers in the head and can be loaded into the car in batches; at the same time, it will actively enter the main engine factory and become BMW, Dongfeng and Dongfeng. and other car companies’ mass production model project safety supplier. I am very happy to witness the rapid development of Yunchi in the future, and I also look forward to the team to bring users a stable and reliable driving experience.

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