Yuntu Semiconductor received hundreds of millions of RMB in A+ round of financing

Yuntu Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor and integrated circuit developer in the field of automotive-grade chips, focusing on providing automotive-grade chipset solutions, providing intelligent travel technology, and providing wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing services for supply chain systems . Recently, Yuntu Semiconductor completed the A+ round of financing of hundreds of millions of RMB. Xiaomi Production Investment and Lianxin Capital continued to increase investment, and new institutions such as Jinbang Capital, BAIC Production Investment, Core Kinetic Energy, Huitianfu, and Yongxin Capital increased their investment. Yibai Capital acted as the financial advisor for this round of financing. This round of financing will be mainly used for the research and development of next-generation products and the mass production and sales of L and M series chips.

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