Zefeng Semiconductor Completes Series B Financing of Hundreds of Millions of Yuan

Zefeng Semiconductor is a provider of semiconductor automated test interface solutions. Its business mainly focuses on the sales, application development, design, manufacturing and service of semiconductor automated test interface solutions. Committed to growing into an integrated solution provider in the field of global semiconductor test interfaces, creating a one-stop comprehensive platform from concept to product to outsourcing service. Zefeng Semiconductor recently completed a series B financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by Beyond Moore, followed by Junhao Capital, Lingang New Area Fund, Stony Brook Capital, Fortune Capital, Jinpu Innovation, Qinghe Capital and Zhenghai Capital. Investment, the existing SMIC Juyuan, Hefei Production Investment, High-tech Investment will continue to make additional investment. The funds raised are mainly used for the capacity expansion of ceramic substrates, 2D/3D MEMS probes and probe cards.

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