Zhejiang Rural Commercial Union Bank launched a new generation of PaaS platform, application deployment efficiency increased by 60%

The reporter was informed that recently, the new generation PaaS platform of Zhejiang Rural Commercial Union Bank (formerly Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative Union) was officially launched. This is the first hybrid cloud PaaS platform in the field of rural credit in the country. After the launch of the new platform, the application deployment efficiency of Zhejiang Rural Commercial United Bank has been increased by 60%, the R&D test and launch cycle has been shortened by nearly 50%, and the observability of operation and maintenance has been improved by 40%.

Zhejiang Rural Commercial Union Bank was established in 1952. In April of this year, the reform was completed on the basis of the former Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperatives Union, becoming the “first order” for deepening the reform of rural credit in the country. At present, Zhejiang Rural Commercial Union Bank has jurisdiction over 82 county (city, district) rural commercial banks and rural credit unions, with total assets exceeding 4 trillion yuan, ranking first in the national rural credit system.

In recent years, the financial industry has gradually developed towards online, mobile, and scenario-based trends, and the traditional IT architecture has been unable to support high-concurrency and multi-frequency transaction requirements. In order to better improve the quality of financial services and accelerate digital transformation, as early as 2016, Zhejiang Rural Commercial Union Bank began to explore the upgrade to a distributed architecture.

With the deepening of the transformation, the operation and maintenance challenges brought by heterogeneous facilities also appear. According to reports, in a hybrid cloud environment, distributed transformation often faces complex infrastructure environments, including traditional physical machines and virtual machines under the cloud, as well as container environments on the cloud, and heterogeneous technology products provided by different manufacturers. It also faces a lot of adaptation and joint debugging work. In order to improve the efficiency of R&D and operation and maintenance and support agile business innovation, it is imperative to build a unified PaaS platform for the entire bank.

It is understood that the new PaaS platform is powered by SOFAStack, Ant Group’s cloud-native distributed solution. With the full-stack product capabilities, good compatibility, and safe and reliable implementation of SOFAStack, Zhejiang Rural Commercial United Bank has completed a full range of distributed architecture transformation and application containerization, and has realized three centers in two places and disaster recovery in different places. An autonomous and controllable technical infrastructure.

It is worth mentioning that, through the multi-cloud hybrid deployment capability of SOFAStack, the new PaaS platform realizes the unified arrangement and scheduling of resources in a complex infrastructure environment, and provides unified development, deployment, operation and operation and maintenance support for various upper-layer applications. . At the same time, the new PaaS platform has the characteristics of openness and compatibility, which can uniformly manage heterogeneous infrastructure, uniformly manage heterogeneous services, support multiple application development languages, and greatly improve the asset reuse rate.

At present, the core payment center, channel business, risk control business, and Internet business system of Zhejiang Rural Commercial United Bank have been running stably on the new PaaS platform. 30 business systems such as personal online banking and digital decision-making systems will also be gradually migrated to the new platform.

According to public information, SOFAStack is a cloud-native distributed solution independently developed by Ant Group. It has high stability, high compatibility and reliability. It can run stably on domestic equipment and system platforms, and can help financial institutions and corporate customers to be safe and reliable. It has effectively realized the distributed upgrade of IT architecture to cloud native, and has served more than 100 financial institutions such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sichuan Rural Credit, and China Insurance.

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