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In the midsummer August, Zhihu “2022 Summer” will climax again, and the wonderful programs will not stop! Hey talk about the college entrance examination, talk about careers, and return to the wilderness. Zhihu’s three self made programs “My College Entrance Examination Laughing and Forgetting Books”, “The Career I’m Longing for” and “Wilderness Talks” have been broadcast one after another. Zhihu Produced sincerely invites all creators to participate in the program discussion, start the hot chat mode, write answers, send ideas, and win 100,000 creative bonus incentives!

Activity time

August 8 to September 20

Due to the possibility of delaying the broadcast of “Wild Talks”, the event time depends on the final broadcast time of the program; if there is any adjustment, @zhihu will announce it separately

rule of activity

topic discussion write answer

Participate in the topic “My Gaokao Laughing and Forgetting Books”, the “Wild Talks” roundtable and the “My Longing for a Career” roundtable discussion, and answer the questions included in it, with more than 3 papers (any combination, a total of 3 papers is sufficient), word count If both of them are above 500, 90,000 yuan in cash can be divided equally.

Event entrance

  1. “My Gaokao Laugh and Forget Book”

My college entrance examination laugh and forget the book – Know

  1. “The Career I Want”

The career I aspire to

  1. “Wild Talk”: To be launched on 08/22

Comment on the show to post ideas

Post your ideas on the authentic broadcast pages of the three programs of “My Gaokao Laughing and Forgetting Book”, “Wild Talks” and “The Career I Long For”, and you can automatically generate an edit box with video links and program topics, or directly bring the program Topics of the same name #我的高考笑儿书#, #wilderness talk#, #My dream career#, write a comment of more than 140 words, after the event, the top 100 items will be selected based on the comprehensive data performance, and each person will be given 100 yuan to follow up Red envelope.

Program information

“My Gaokao Laughs and Forgets Books” | Zhihu’s first interview program with documentary characters on the college entrance examination

12 real stories of people who have passed the college entrance examination, 12 stories of turning failure into profit, finding oneself, and growing up against the wind, how to face the failure of life, the experience of these people who passed the college entrance examination may give you different answers!

Broadcast information: 08/09-08/12, four consecutive episodes, Zhihu alone broadcast

The first phase is online:


“The Career I’m Longing for” | Zhihu’s First Workplace Youth Documentary Observation Program

What is your desired career? We have found outstanding young people in various industries, recorded their real daily work, and will invite Yang Tianzhen, Chen Ming, Xia Peng, Cui Cui, etc. to observe, discuss, and share useful knowledge in the workplace. Join us to follow the outstanding young people in the workplace and explore the truth about their career aspirations!

Broadcast information: broadcast every Tuesday from 08/16-09/06, Zhihu broadcasts exclusively

Coming up next:


“Wild Talks” | Zhihu’s first wilderness youth talk show

Li Xueqin, Li Songwei, Zhang Ruonan, Xi Rui, Li Haoyuan, Liu Boyang, and Jiang Xiangui will take you away from the city and return to the wilderness. In a casual chat, they will discuss “How do young generation Z understand the world?”

Broadcast information: 08/22-09/15 broadcast every Monday and Thursday, Zhihu broadcasts exclusively

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  1. Anonymous questions and anonymous answers cannot participate in the selection;
  2. The content of the answer must meet the requirements of the theme of this event, and must not violate relevant laws and regulations, social order and good customs, and community management norms.
  3. Encourage the use of Zhihu invitation, sharing and other methods to give more exposure to questions and answers, and strictly prohibit improper behaviors such as likes, broadcasts, and marketing promotions, and will be disqualified once found;
  4. The list of winners will be announced by the official account of @zhihu after the event, and the bonus will be distributed within 90 working days after the event;
  5. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Zhihu.


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