Zhongyuan Festival: The heaven and earth have Zhongqi, the first is Zhongyuan

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The fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month is called the “Zhongyuan Festival” and is commonly known as the Ghost Festival. The Zhongyuan Festival integrates the spirits of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and is one of the largest sacrificial festivals in China. In China, Zhongyuan, New Year’s Eve, Qingming, and Chongyang are known as the four major ancestor worship festivals. At the same time, Zhongyuan Festival is also known as the Four Ghost Festivals along with Shangsi, Qingming and Hanyi. The Ghost Festival is not a superstition, it makes us stop, revere the heaven and earth, cherish our ancestors, and sympathize with all beings. 1. Heaven and Earth Zhongyuan, praying for blessings and disasters, Shangyuan Festival, Zhongyuan Festival, and Xiayuan Festival are collectively called the three yuan. These three festivals are related to the three elements of Taoism. In Taoist culture, there are three officials of heaven, earth and water, also known as the three elements. The birthdays of the three officials are the fifteenth day of the first month, the fifteenth day of the seventh month, and the fifteenth day of the tenth month. These three days are also called “Shangyuan Festival”, “Zhongyuan Festival” and “Xiayuan Festival” […]

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